Perfect for late summer heat! The North Face T-shirt was one rank higher in sweat absorption and quick drying

The product is a short-sleeve shirt made of eco-friendly recycled materials with a three-dimensional fabric structure that has slight unevenness on the skin surface and high sweat absorption and quick drying properties that maintain a dry feeling on the skin surface. It is one that can be used in a wide range of ways, from everyday running to racing.
In today’s sports apparel, it is natural to have high sweat absorption and quick drying properties, but its history dates back to 1986 when DuPont announced “Coolmax” and adopted it for sports apparel. At first, only top athletes could enjoy its excellent sweat absorption and quick drying performance, but gradually COOLMAX was adopted in products for the general public, and competitors followed suit with the development of similar functional materials. This is how the current “natural” situation was born.

Even in such a situation, The North Face has a lineup of products that pursue sweat absorption and quick drying performance that is one rank or two rank higher, and the “Short Sleeve GTD Melange Crew” that we picked up this time is one of them. This model is a short-sleeved top that is comfortable to wear thanks to the use of a fluffy and soft knitted fabric. By arranging water-repellent threads on the skin surface, the sweat absorption and quick drying properties of the material as well as the sweat processing function are improved. In addition to being processed with Polygiene, which exhibits antibacterial and deodorizing effects with silver ions, it also has an electrostatic care function that suppresses the generation of unpleasant static electricity.
More comfortable than general tops that retain sweat absorption and quick drying!
First of all, if you look at the exterior, it is a silhouette that seems to fit the body perfectly, but you can see that it has adopted several switches so as not to interfere with movements such as arm swings. When I actually put it on, the fit was good, but I didn’t feel cramped at all because I used the pattern that assumed movement during exercise as mentioned above.

On the day I wore it, it was a very hot day exceeding 35 degrees Celsius, and I started sweating just by running a little. Even in such a situation, the “flash dry technology” that keeps you dry makes it more comfortable than general sweat-absorbing and quick-drying tops. The three-dimensional fabric structure, which has a slight unevenness on the surface that touches the skin, also prevents stickiness. I also appreciate that the fabric has very small holes in a regular square pattern to ensure high breathability.

It can be said that the level of quick-drying is quite high, such as the areas such as the back and chest, which sweat a lot, begin to dry after a while after running. By the way, I ran in a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying top of another brand the day before, when the temperature and humidity were almost the same, but I would like to add that it was not as comfortable as this. And this summer, the heat is more severe than usual, but I thought it would be a waste to use this “Short Sleeve GTD Melange Crew” only for the running scene, so I wore it twice as everyday wear, but its high sweat absorption and quick drying is a lifestyle. Perfect for any occasion. Normally, on days when I work early in the morning, I sometimes sweat so much that I think, “Maybe I should go home and change clothes…”, but on the day I wear this top, I don’t have to think about that. I didn’t.
[Summary] I want to choose this product with a higher-grade function on a hot day!
As mentioned above, “Short Sleeve GTD Melange Crew” secures a high level of sweat absorption and quick drying by bringing together the comfort technologies that The North Face is proud of. It kept me comfortable for a long time even in the hot summer of Japan.

In today’s market, sweat-wicking products aren’t just coming from sports brands. It is also available in SPA stores such as UNIQLO and GU, and workwear brands such as WORKMAN. On the other hand, the level of sweat absorption and quick drying varies from pin to pin, and it is difficult to find a product like the “Short Sleeve GTD Melange Crew” introduced this time. For days when you want to run a longer distance than usual today, or you have to be active outdoors for a long time in spite of the hot weather, this product is a step above the usual sweat-absorbing and quick-drying products. I want to pick up products with functionality. It should provide more comfort than you can imagine.

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