Optimal solution for “Web conference whiteboard”! “Stationery Award” Grand Prix square model

More and more people are using hand-held whiteboards for web conferencing (video conferencing).

Of course, most web conferencing tools such as “Zoom” have a virtual whiteboard function as standard. But, frankly, it’s really hard to use! That said, the whiteboard is essential for proceeding with the meeting, so it seems that it would be easier to handwrite on the whiteboard and show it on the camera.

So this time, let’s introduce the latest handheld whiteboard “wemo paper flip board” designed with the optimal size and shape for web conferencing.

In fact, this is an “excellent item” that won the Grand Prix in the design category of the “31st Japan Stationery Awards” announced just the other day.
A square was the optimal solution for a web conference whiteboard!
First of all, the optimal size and shape for the web conference is 288 x 288 mm, which is quite large as a handheld board. And this square is the biggest point.
Most hand-held whiteboards so far have been based on standard paper sizes such as A4 and B5. So, of course, it’s a rectangle. However, if you hold it horizontally and fill the screen, your face will be hidden.
Light and comfortable to erase!
Another thing you’ll notice when holding the “wemo paper flip board” is its lightness. It weighs only about 96g in this size, and it is a level that surprises the gap between appearance and appearance.

This board is actually a cardboard surface coated with a special film. I see, it’s light.

The secretary during a web conference often keeps holding up a whiteboard so that everyone can see it all the time. In that case, no matter how you think about it, the lighter the better.
In addition, the coated film is a smooth type with increased smoothness, so it is also a point that it is comfortable to erase handwriting written with a board marker. Even handwriting left untouched for a long period of time can be erased easily.

However, the fact that the surface is smooth means that the shine is also strong when light hits it. In some cases, even the state of the room may be reflected, so it may be necessary to pay attention to that area.
However, the ease of use of this square form is overwhelming.

As a test impression, the correct answer for a web conference whiteboard is definitely this size and shape! I thought. Light weight and easy to use. At least, if you use a lot of whiteboards in web conferences, I want you to try it once.

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