Not only “Donbei” and “Green Tanuki”! Experts thoroughly compare 5 types of “vertical cup soba”

According to a survey conducted by Internet research giant Macromill in November 2021, “Toshikoshi soba” is ranked first in “things that are auspicious, timely, and eaten according to Japanese customs.” (By the way, 2nd place “Osechi”, 3rd place “Christmas cake”).

Then, compare the taste of cup soba! I thought, but what is interesting in the recent market is that the number of “vertical” cup soba noodles is increasing. In the fall of 2021, “CupStar Ebi Tensoba” was released from “Sapporo Ichiban CupStar”, and “Maru-chan Vertical Big Green Kitsune Soba” was released from Seven-Eleven for a limited time.

So this time, I compared 5 major vertical cup soba noodles. I would like to explore whether there are characteristics unique to the vertical type and where the differences in taste of each company are.
The amount is smaller than the horizontal type, but the supple noodles are alive and stable.
[1] Nissin Foods “Nissin Vertical Donbei Tempura Soba”
First of all, try the vertical type “Nissin Vertical Donbei Tempura Soba” of the large classic “Donbei”.

Super major products such as “Donbei” and “Midori no Tanuki” have different soups depending on the sales area, such as “E” for “East” in eastern Japan and “W” for “West” in western Japan. Is stated on the package, but not for this vertical type.
One of the major differences from the horizontal type is that the soup bag is not divided into small pieces, and the powdered soup is included from the beginning. In addition, the content of the horizontal type is 100g (72g of noodles), so the vertical type is slightly less. The cooking time is the same for both, 3 minutes, but what about the taste of soba and soup?
When I tried it, the soy sauce had a sweet and sour taste. When I checked the dashi stock from the raw material name, it said “Katsuobushi powder”, but it did not contain “kelp extract”, which is often used in cup soba for western Japan, so I think this is a taste for eastern Japan.

And the noodles are of the true “Donbei” quality. There are few small pieces, and you can even feel the elegance from the supple throat. In addition, the tempura has a crispy fluffy feeling even if you smoke the soup, and the overall sense of stability is “This is it, this is it!“. It’s delicious that you won’t get tired of.
The thick noodles like “countryside soba” and the aroma of shrimp tempura are impressive!
[2] Sanyo Foods “Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Ebiten Soba”
Next is “Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Ebiten Soba,” which debuted in the fall of 2021. Popular idols and hip-hop units have praised it in commercials, but what does it taste like? Personally, I’m wondering if the “CupStar” brand has established its own uniqueness.
The feature is that the noodles are slightly wide and have a moderate texture, which is a mixture of ground buckwheat flour and coarsely ground buckwheat husks. The soup has a multi-layered taste that combines the sweetness of mirin and the flavor of yuzu shichimi pepper by combining dried bonito and miscellaneous bonito (such as Iwashi), the umami of kelp, and dark soy sauce.

In addition, ground buckwheat flour is buckwheat flour that also contains germ and cuticles, and is characterized by its fragrant and strong texture. When I try to eat it, it is a little thick and thick, and it has a small touch that reminds me of “countryside soba”. The soup is not too sweet and has a taste that makes the best use of the flavor of the dashi stock, and the aroma of shrimp tempura adds a powerful feeling. The lingering yuzu is also nice and refreshing, and the taste is finished with waza-ari.

The supple soba and the sweet duck soup stock match!
[3] Toyo Suisan “Umai Tsuyu Kamo Dashi Soba”
From Toyo Suisan, which is familiar with “Maru-chan”, select “Umai Tsuyu Kamo Dashi Soba” from the cup soba of the “Umai Tsuyu” series. As the product name suggests, the point here is duck soup stock, which comes with a liquid soup stock. In addition to duck, it is finished in a slightly sweet soup with the umami of kelp and shiitake mushrooms.

“Maru-chan” is only working on the super long-selling “Midori no Tanuki”, so he should be good at developing cup soba. When I expected it and tasted it, the crispy soba was not as straight as “Donbei”, but it had a smooth and elegant touch. The soup stock is also excellent, and the duck stock with a swelling sweetness matches the soy sauce, giving it a rich taste.
The soy sauce-based sweet and sour soup has a punch, but it is also attractive that it is not as oily as tempura soba. It may also be good for liquor squeezing and midnight snacks.
The deep bonito flakes and toppings with good accents are unique!
[4] Acecock “Maruyoshi Koebi Tensoba”
Acecook, which is famous for its “super cup,” “wakame ramen,” and “soup Harusame,” has a thin impression of buckwheat noodles, but it also sells vertical cup buckwheat noodles. That is “Maruyoshi Koebi Tensoba”. As with “Sapporo Ichiban CupStar Ebiten Soba,” I am concerned about the uniqueness of the latecomers.

As for the specs, the amount is the smallest among the 5 products, and the calories and carbohydrates are also low accordingly. Also, the direction of the taste is the
same as “Sapporo Ichiban Cup Star Ebiten Soba”, but the size of Ebiten is smaller here. As for the taste, it is uri that uses bonito bonito flakes.

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