New Balance “1400” is perfect for Japanese feet even though it is “Made in USA”!?

New Balance’s “1000 series” is a high-performance model series equipped with technologies such as the company’s “ENCAP” and “ABZORB”. In 1985, the first “1300” was released at an astonishing price of $130 at the time, and became a hot topic.

And “1500” was released as the second bullet. Huh!? I think there are many people who think that “1400” is skipping!? In fact, “1500” was released before “1400”. There is actually something to this. At the time, the plan was to introduce the 1400 after the 1300, but the stoic effort to improve quality caused the price to skyrocket at the prototype stage. Unfortunately, the commercialization was canceled because mass production was difficult with the technology at the time. Therefore, the “1500”, which was scheduled to be released next, was released first.

After that, our hero, New Balance Japan, shined a light on “1400”! The prototype of the “1400” that was in the American factory was brought back to Japan, where the design and other aspects were reworked, and in 1994 it was commercialized. And the production is “Made in USA” which symbolizes the craftsmanship of New Balance. It was discontinued once in 2018, but it has been revived as “Made in USA”, so you can’t help but check it out!
Midsole that combines two technologies!
The biggest feature of the “1400” is the midsole equipped with “Encap” and “C-CAP”, which has been mass-produced by Japanese technology development. “Encap” is the technology used in the “1300” and has excellent shock absorption. Combined with highly cushioned “C-CAP”, it provides outstanding comfort that fits your feet softly. And the outsole uses a tread pattern that combines on-road and off-road, so it demonstrates excellent grip even on unpaved ground.
An upper silhouette that fits Japanese feet!
Another thing that is unique to the “1400” is the silhouette of the upper. The last of the “1400” uses the slightly slimmer “SL-1”, but it is slightly wider than the “SL-1” of other models. The 1400, which was originally designed according to American standards, had to be redesigned once in Japan before being put on the market. By going through that process, it was arranged to fit the wide and high instep Japanese feet.
Thanks to the slightly wide last, the compatibility with Japanese feet is the best!
New Balance is a sports brand from the United States, but you can see that the “1400” is made for Japanese people. It is no exaggeration to say that New Balance’s latest technology at the time and the result of the efforts of Japanese engineers. Originally, New Balance was a brand that developed corrective shoes to correct flat feet. The shoes have a reputation for being comfortable to wear, but thanks to the slightly wide last, they are the best match for Japanese feet.

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