“Moto g52j 5G” review in the 30,000 yen range. Good balance middle class machine

I tried the middle class smartphone “moto g52j 5G” released by Motorola on June 3, 2022. This model is the first smartphone of the company to support both a FeliCa sensor and a waterproof / dustproof body. It is a model developed for the Japanese market, as the product name contains the letter “j” which means Japan. Combined with the price of 34,449 yen (the lowest price on Kakaku.com, as of July 19, 2022), it can be said to be an attractive one for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone.
Equipped with a 6.8-inch display, which is quite large as an impression in your hand
The display size of the “moto g52j 5G” is about 6.8 inches. It is vertically long with an aspect ratio of 20: 9. The main body size is approximately 76.8 (width) x 171.0 (height) x 9.1 (thickness, thinnest part) mm. When I actually pick it up, my thumb reaches only the center of the display, and I get the impression that it is a fairly large smartphone. Weight is about 206g. I can’t deny the heavy feeling when holding it with one hand, but I think it’s relatively light for a smartphone of less than 7 inches.
Two color variations, “ink black” and “pearl white”, are available. The one I tried this time is the former. If you check the back panel, it has a fresh luster like marble. This back panel is made of resin, and when you touch it, it feels smooth, contrary to what it looks like. It’s not cheap, so you won’t regret the design after you buy it. It is a nice point that a clear case is included as standard.

As for buttons and ports, the Google Assistant key, volume up / down key, and power key (built-in fingerprint sensor) are installed on the right side. It has a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm earphone jack on the bottom. In addition, the left side is equipped with a SIM card / microSD memory card tray that can be pulled out with an injection pin.
By the way, the aircraft supports the familiar “Moto Action” function on Motorola smartphones. There are several shortcut features available, such as the ability to quickly launch the camera app by twisting your wrist twice. Although it is a large screen model, it will be possible to complement the usability by making good use of these functions.

The screen display is good, it is better to have earphones
The approximately 6.8-inch display uses an IPS liquid crystal display, and the resolution is full HD + (2460 x 1080 pixels). As mentioned above, the portrait display with an aspect ratio of 20: 9 has a sufficiently large display area, making it easy to handle not only browsing and chat apps, but also multi-window operations.
Of course, there are some parts that are inferior in terms of contrast ratio, etc., when compared side by side with the latest models in the high-end band that use organic EL and support high brightness. However, if you are not particular about expressing colors or watching HDR content when displaying photos and videos, you will not feel any inconvenience. The in-camera is a punch hole type located in the center and has no notch. It does not interfere with the content display so much regardless of whether it is held vertically or horizontally.

Also, despite being in the middle class, the fact that the display supports a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz is a point that holds the trend. This means that the screen can be updated 120 times per second. The general standard is 60Hz, so it is numerically doubled. Theoretically, you can enjoy smooth images in videos and games, and it will lead to an experience that characters are easy to see even when browsing while scrolling slowly. However, compared to the latest high-end model, even though it is 120Hz, I was a little worried about the stuttering when scrolling. It’s a middle class model to the last, so you shouldn’t expect excessive benefits.

Regarding the built-in speaker, when watching content, the speaker located on the right side of the lower side of the terminal plays the main sound. There is no problem with the volume, but if you hold it sideways to watch a video or enjoy a game, the direction of the sound will be different. If you are particular about sound, you will need to use earphones or headphones. As a specification, Dolby Atmos is supported.

If the conditions are good, the camera can take beautiful pictures.
This unit is equipped with a triple camera system on the back. The specific configuration is a main camera (about 50 million pixels, F1.8), an ultra-wide-angle camera (about 8 million pixels, F2.2), and a macro camera (about 2 million pixels, F2.4), each lens. Are lined up vertically. As mentioned above, the in-camera is a punch hole type with approximately 13 million pixels and F2.2.
Switching the rear camera is done within the “Camera” app. For example, to switch between the ultra-wide-angle camera and the main camera in a still image, tap the part marked “0.5” and “1” at the bottom of the preview display, or slide left and right while holding that part to 0.5. It can be done seamlessly by changing the digital zoom magnification up to 8x.

On the other hand, to use the macro camera, you need to tap the flower icon next to it. The optimum shooting distance is fixed at 4 cm.

The examples for each camera are as follows. In an environment with sufficient light, I was able to shoot with sufficiently beautiful colors. Both the main camera and the super wide-angle camera seem to have some corrections, and they are taken vividly. Considering the price range, the quality is quite satisfactory.

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