Linking Android smartphones and iPads is surprisingly easy! Introducing data synchronization methods and useful tricks

I think there are surprisingly many people who say that smartphones (hereinafter referred to as smartphones) are Android and tablets are Apple’s “iPad”. In that case, it may seem difficult to synchronize the data because the OS is different, but in fact it is easy to do, so I will show you how to do it.

Sync emails, contacts, calendars and notes
There are three ways to link emails, contacts, calendars, and memos on both devices.

One is to register an additional Google account on your iPad.

This method uses “Mail” on the iPad to send and receive Gmail, and add the data associated with the Google account to the “Calendar”, “Contacts”, and “Memo” apps respectively.

If you have already registered the data on your iPad, this method is convenient.

However, in this trial, only the memo of “Google Keep” could not be synchronized. In that case, consider the browser version of the Keep app or another memo app.

The second method is to install and utilize the application provided by Google on the iPad.

Use “Gmail” for email, “Google Calendar” for calendar, and “Google Keep” for memo. Contact information can be displayed and used from Gmail.

If you want to use your iPad with your Android smartphone from now on, this is also the way to go. There is also the advantage that you can use the apps you are familiar with.

The last method is to use the browser application “Google Chrome”.

Again, it will not sync with the data stored on the iPad. Also, from the viewpoint of functionality and usability, I think it is a little difficult to handle.

Therefore, in the following, we will explain how to use the first and second methods.

The source of Chrome and the URL of each function are summarized below, so please refer to it when considering the use in Chrome.
(1) Add a Google account to your iPad
To sync emails, contacts, calendars and notes on your iPad and Android smartphone, register the same Google account on your iPad as your Android smartphone.

For the procedure, open “Settings” on the iPad and tap “Email” → “Account”. Tap “Add account” on the screen that opens. When the “Add Account” screen appears, tap “Google” → “Continue”.
The login screen will be displayed, so log in with the same Google account as Android. If you have set up two-step verification, follow the instructions to verify your identity.
On the next screen, set the synchronization of “Mail”, “Contacts”, “Calendar”, and “Notes”. Turn on the items you want to sync.

Finally, tap “Save” in the upper right to complete the setting. It will be added to the “Account” screen with the name “Gmail”.

By the way, you can also tap “Gmail”-> “Account” and rewrite “Gmail” to any name in the “Description” field.
How to use email
Use the “Email” app to send and receive emails on your iPad.

When you start the “Mail” app, “Gmail” will be added to your mailbox, and when you tap it, the mail received on your Android smartphone will be displayed in sync.

To send an email from your Gmail email address, check the “From” field on the new email creation screen. If it’s not your Gmail email address, tap “From” to switch to your Gmail email address.
For the destination, tap “+” in the “Destination” column. A list of contacts will be displayed, so tap the destination to select it. In this list, both the data registered on the iPad and the data registered on the Android smartphone are displayed together.

How to use contacts
Contacts are registered in the “Contacts” app. The data registered on the iPad side and the data registered on the Android smartphone will be displayed together, and after that, all the data will be synchronized together.

By tapping “Group” on the upper left of the screen, it is also possible to display the data managed by iCloud and the data managed by Google account separately.
How to use the calendar
Additional calendar information for your Google account will be displayed in “Calendar”. However, although the schedules are displayed together on the same screen, please note that they will be managed individually.
When creating a new event on your iPad, select the calendar in the “GMAIL” field. Now you can view the created schedule on your Android smartphone.

How to use memos
Like the calendar, memos manage data on the iCloud side and Google account side separately.

When you start the “Memo” app, “Gmail” is added to “Folder”. However, as mentioned above, synchronization was not possible on the iPad side.

If you can’t sync as well, use the browser version of the Keep app, the Keep app for iPad, or a third-party memo app that allows you to share data between your iPad and Android.
(2) Add Google app to iPad
If you install each of the following apps on your iPad and log in with the same Google account as your Android smartphone, you can use the same data on your iPad and Android smartphone.

The user interface is familiar to Android smartphones, so you won’t get lost in operation.

However, it is difficult to understand how to use contacts, so the procedure is explained below.
Use contacts in conjunction with Gmail.

To view your contact information, launch the Gmail app and tap the Google account icon at the far right of the search box. Tap “Access your Google Account” on the screen that appears.
The “Google Account” screen will open, so tap “Information Sharing and Contacts”. Tap the button with the arrow pointing to the upper right in the “Contacts” column to open the “Contacts” screen, where you can use and edit the data.
When composing a new email, enter the name in the “To” field to specify the destination on the new compose screen of the “Gmail” application. Candidates are displayed from those registered in “Contacts”, so select the user you want to send an email to.

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