Like the dead stock of the 90’s! Nike Air Force 1 Neo Vintage

The genre that is rapidly gaining attention in the sneaker scene this season is “Neo Vintage”. American rappers Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky, who are global fashion icons, took off at once when they showed off on social media wearing sneakers that are believed to be original models from the 1980s.

As if to add to that, overseas sneakerheads started paying attention to dead stock and vintage, and their prices skyrocketed. In addition, self-customization is also gaining popularity, such as painting the midsole of new sneakers to make it look yellowed, and replacing it with used shoelaces. Indeed, the new vintage sneaker movement “Neo Vintage” is trending right now.

In view of the recent sneaker situation, each sneaker brand has released new “Neo Vintage” models that reproduce details like vintage and dead stock. Among them, we would like to pay attention to this, “Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LX”! The use of details and coloring skillfully reproduces the atmosphere of the 1990s.
Reproduce the details like vintage & dead stock!
The biggest point of this work is the “Swoosh” on the side. It adopts the small “Swoosh” mark, commonly known as “Jewel Swoosh”, which was used when “Air Force 1” was released in the 90’s. By the way, this common name is formed from resin with a glossy feel, and was named because it looks like a jewel. Moreover, in this work, the transparent resin has been processed to have a dull color that looks like it has been dyed over time, creating an atmosphere like dead stock. In addition, the heel tab is also processed to look like it is cracked.
A sunburned midsole pushes the feeling of dead stock!
Another thing to pay attention to is the midsole. Like the regular version of the Air Force 1, the upper is made of white leather that boasts a firm, resilient and elegant texture derived from natural leather. On the other hand, the midsole uses a slightly yellowed coloring that is close to ivory. The contrast between the clean white upper and the tanned midsole is eye-catching!

The “Nike Air Force 1 ’07 LX” has a dull “jewel swoosh” and a sole unit with a tan color, creating a design that combines aging and elegance.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the model “Air Force 1” has been released in various versions one after another. And the trend “Neo-vintage” that is getting a lot of attention this season. Don’t miss this work with those two elements!

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