I’ve seen Iris Ohyama’s new 4K LCD TV! Quantum dot technology “QLED” adoption model also appeared

From Iris Ohyama, a new 4K LCD TV product of the “LUCA series” was released on September 1, 2022. We will report on the details of the new product, including the state of the experience meeting for the media that was held prior to the release.
All models are compatible with “Dolby Vision” and “Dolby Atmos” and achieve high functionality
IRIS OHYAMA develops a wide range of products such as household appliances, storage/interior goods, bedding/beds, and daily necessities. As for home appliances, white goods with unique functions not found in other manufacturers are famous, so there may be a strong image of “Iris Ohyama’s home appliances = white goods”, but recently LCD TVs are mainly black. We are also focusing on home appliances.

Looking back on the company’s LCD TV business, first, in 2018, the company announced its first 4K compatible LCD TV. Subsequently, in 2019, the company announced a full-scale entry into the black goods business and released a unique 4K compatible LCD TV with a voice control function . In 2020, we will release a 4K LCD TV equipped with an “AI auto function” that automatically adjusts image quality and sound quality according to the program genre . We have expanded our lineup in the last few years.
The new products announced on September 1, 2022 are 5 models of 4K LCD TVs with higher image quality and sound quality. 65V / 55V / 50V / 43V type screen sizes are available, and all of them are compatible with the HDR technology “Dolby Vision” for the first time as the company’s 4K LCD TV. In addition, “55XQDA20”, one of the 55V models available in two models, uses a “QLED” panel that uses quantum dot technology. The “QLED” panel enables more vivid colors and more realistic green and red expressions than before.
In terms of sound quality, all models support stereophonic technology “Dolby Atmos”. The speaker is common for 12W x 2ch, but the speaker unit specifications differ depending on the screen size.

For video and audio related functions, it is equipped with a unique “AI auto function”. In the case of news, the images and people are expressed in natural colors, and adjusted to make the audio clear and easy to hear. It automatically adjusts the video and audio to match the genre of the content. In addition, a new “Easy Video Setting” mode has been added that allows personal preferences to be reflected in AI Auto video.

In addition, Android TV is adopted as the platform, and it supports voice operation with Google and casting with Chromecast built-in. At the top of the attached remote control, there are buttons that can call up 6 types of video distribution services such as “TVer”, “YouTube”, and “Amazon Prime Video”.

The interface is common to all models, with three HDMI (Ver.2.0b) and one eARC compatible HDMI input terminals. Audio output is equipped with a 3.5mm stereo minijack and optical digital audio output. The USB terminal is equipped with a USB 3.0 terminal for connecting an external HDD for recording and a USB 2.0 terminal for connecting a USB memory. The wireless function supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatible wireless LAN and Bluetooth 5.0. A wired LAN port is also provided. The built-in tuners are terrestrial digital / BS / CS digital, BS 4K / 110 degrees CS 4K each.
New release of 15.6-inch tablet convenient for stationary use
Together with the 4K LCD TV, the “LUCA series” Android tablet “LUCA tablet TM152M8N1” was also announced.

The biggest feature is the large 15.6-inch full HD liquid crystal panel. This large-sized panel was adopted with the aim of achieving both a viewability comparable to that of a stationary monitor and portability as a tablet. The large screen is suitable for watching videos and e-books, and at the same time, it is possible to smoothly divide the screen and share materials in web conferences and online classes.

Due to the adoption of a 15.6-inch panel, the size of the housing is large, 364 (width) x 224 (height) x 11 (depth) mm (excluding protrusions). Weight is 1250g. The battery capacity is 8000mAh, and although the usable time has not been announced, it is said that full HD video can be played for about 6 hours when the screen brightness is set to standard settings.

The hardware specifications are “MediaTek MT6779” for CPU, “PowerVR GM9446” for GPU, 8GB of memory capacity, and 128GB of storage capacity. 8MP front and rear cameras. Equipped with a UHS-II compatible microSD memory card slot. The wireless function supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compatible wireless LAN and Bluetooth 5.0. The OS is Android 12.

It will be released on September 15, 2022, and the estimated market price (tax included) is 121,980 yen.
Summary A product designed to raise the level of image quality and sound quality. Focus on simple design
Iris Ohyama has been strengthening its home appliance development system for the past few years, and most recently in 2021, following Kakuda ITP (Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture) and Osaka R&D Center (Shinsaibashi, Osaka Prefecture), the third Opened the Tokyo R&D Center (Kamata, Tokyo) as a research and development base. The company is also focusing on hiring technical staff, and the Tokyo R&D Center has hired about 30 career human resources in about a year since its opening.

The new 4K LCD TV introduced this time is a product created by strengthening such a development system. In models that use the “QLED” panel, the image engine has been carefully tuned to match the panel, realizing image expression with higher gradation. As far as I checked the sound quality at the new product trial meeting, it was a good impression that it was natural and not tiring to listen to. It is finished in a product that aims to improve both image quality and sound quality.

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