It’s summer! Shorts !! 8 selections of outdoor “functional shorts & half pants”

From around the end of June, we observed record-breaking hot days every day, and in 2022, we recorded the earliest end of the rainy season since the start of statistics. With the restrictions imposed by the new coronavirus tending to be relaxed, the long-awaited summer has finally arrived.

Many people want to enjoy summer this year, but shorts and shorts are essential fashion items for summer.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce carefully selected shorts and shorts that are equipped with various functions such as water repellency, breathability, and cool contact feeling that have appeared from outdoor brands!
Knee-length shorts that reduce the smell of sweat and block UV rays
The North Face “Clad Shorts”
The North Face “Clad Shorts” are knee-length shorts made from recycled nylon chambray material whose expression changes depending on how the light is captured.
The highly stretchable fabric makes it easy to move, and the “Polygin biostatic processing” that suppresses the growth of bacteria attached to the fibers by the action of silver ions reduces the generation of odor even when sweating.

In addition, it is equipped with UPF 15-30, a UV care function with a UV cut rate of 85% or more, and an electrostatic care function that suppresses the generation of static electricity.

In addition, it features a large number of pockets, including cargo pants-style flap pockets, and high storage capacity. Combining a stylish design and practicality, it is the first place to play an active part in everyday use, including outdoors.
Cooling function makes hot summer camp comfortable!
Columbia “Road to Mountain Camp Lovers Shorts”
Columbia “Road to Mountain Camp Lovers Shorts” are summer shorts that are perfect for summer camps with their own cooling function.
The fabric is equipped with Colombia’s unique function “Omni Freeze Zero”. By reacting to the moisture generated from the body and instantly lowering the temperature of the entire fabric, it exerts a continuous cooling effect when worn.

In addition, it is equipped with a sun protection function “Omni Shade” (UPF 50) that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, and maintains a comfortable fit even on hot summer days.

The silhouette is wide and it is easy to move because it uses “2-way comfort stretch material” that has elasticity in the lateral direction.

In addition, it has a large pocket, which is convenient for camping cooking and outdoor work.
Equipped with pockets inspired by climbing chalk bags
Karimor “Rig Shorts”
Karimor “Rig Shorts” are shorts with a design inspired by climbing chalk bags.

On both sides, there are 6 large and small pockets that can be used like sub-bags. The outer pocket is sized to store a 500ml PET bottle, and can store not only small items such as sunglasses and maps, but also lightweight outerwear. Since it has a draw cord, it can be stored securely even if the luggage suddenly increases. In addition, a buckle is mounted on the waist to prevent the shorts from slipping down even if you put your luggage in the left and right pockets.

The material used is a double-woven 2-way stretch, and the length is set to be slightly shorter, so it is easy to remove from the skin and is easy to move. It is also equipped with a water-repellent function to respond to sudden changes in the weather.

Convenient in-pocket that can be accessed while sitting!
Marmot “Organizer Half Pants”
Marmot “Organizer Half Pants” is a cotton-like nylon material with large patch pockets that match both outdoors and town.
The material used is “Partex Unlimited”, a new material for the town of the high-performance textile brand “Partex” that originated in the United Kingdom. Although it has durability and water repellency, it has an urban and baptized high-quality texture. It has a stylish look that is easy to use in everyday life while having functionality that is useful outdoors.

Large patch pockets with gussets on both sides. Inside the patch pocket, there is a built-in in-pocket that can be accessed from above while sitting. It is convenient for storing small items such as smartphones that you want to put in and take out while sitting.
Uses durable material that is resistant to rock rubbing!
Mountain Hardwear “Strider Belted Shorts”
Mountain hardware “Strider Belted Shorts” are quick-drying shorts that are useful in a wide range of activities from hiking to climbing.
Highly durable recycled nylon is used as the material. It is durable and water repellent, free of perfluorine compounds, resistant to rock rubbing, and quick-drying, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

The waist belt is removable. If you use a belt loop, you can use it in combination with your favorite belt.

The pocket has a simple design with two snap pockets on the front and a hip pocket with a zipper on the back, so it is easy to use not only outdoors but also for town use.
Multipurpose shorts made from recycled fishing net nylon
Helly Hansen “Basque Shorts”
Helly Hansen “Basque Shorts” are shorts that can be used for multiple purposes, from casual styles in the city to the beach.
Uses “Peach Watcher”, a 100% nylon material that dries easily even when it gets wet with water or sweat. As it is durable and water repellent, it not only repels some rain or water, but also uses seawater and chlorine resistant yarn that does not easily deteriorate even when worn in the sea or pool, making it a beach trunks. Can also be used.

In addition, in order to reduce the environmental burden, the nylon material is said to be “fishing net recycled nylon” that uses discarded fishing nets.

The relaxed rubber shirring waist has a full back mesh for easy skin removal and easy-to-adjust spindle specifications. The hip pocket has a hook-and-loop fastener, which makes it difficult for things inside to fall off.

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