It’s delicious, fun, and you can drink! Iwatani that can be grilled on skewers or grilled

Drinking at home that you can enjoy at your own pace without worrying about the eyes or time. It’s good to use commercially available side dishes as snacks, but it’s great if you can drink sake while grilling yakitori in front of you! So, I drank Iwatani “Kurobata Yakiki Aburiya II” (hereinafter referred to as “Aburiya II”) at home.
Since it is baked indirectly by radiant heat, it can be heated firmly to the inside and it is hard to burn.
“Furnace Pottery Aburiya II” is a cassette cylinder type grill where you can enjoy grilling on the table. It has a structure that allows grilling and skewers, and you can enjoy a wide range of cooking such as yakitori, yakiniku, and seafood. Instead of grilling with an open flame, the radiant plate above the flame mouth is heated with a gas fire, and the radiant heat emitted from the radiant plate heats the food, so only the surface of the food is burnt black and inside. It is also a point that it is unlikely that the fire will not go through. Also, since it is a type that uses a cassette cylinder, there is no hassle of checking if the outlet is in a position where the power cord can reach, or getting caught in the power cord during use.
It’s fun to bake yakitori while spinning it yourself!
Let’s try skewers right away. By the way, when cooking with roasting or II, it is necessary to put water in the “Shiru receiving tray” at the bottom of the main body.
First of all, I tried yakitori, which I wanted to try from the first glance at roasting and II. I prepared raw chicken and tried to make it by hand. I enjoyed skewering and made onions, so let’s bake them together. The firepower of roasting and II is 2,000 kcal / h. The firepower is not so high, but according to the staff of the editorial department of magazine using the company’s hot plate “Yakiyoshi-san α” (1,800kcal / h), there was no dissatisfaction with the quick start-up and the firepower. Numerically, roasting and II are slightly higher, but I am wondering how the mechanism of heating the radiant plate by reddening it affects it.
I’m happy to enjoy sake with authentic yakitori, but I decided to reheat the yakitori I bought at the supermarket because I wanted something that I could make a little more quickly.
The scent of grilled seafood with a pleasant atmosphere is just right
The day after I enjoyed yakitori, I tried grilling seafood using a “grilled net” with hot sake.
The finish is so condensed that you don’t need to season it, and you’re in a good mood with delicious seafood and sake. I wanted to eat rice, so I made grilled rice balls, which was also the best.

How to care?
It is necessary to remove and wash the “Shiru receiving tray” every time you cook, and you can also remove the radiant plate and “grid net” directly under the ingredients to wash. If you use the “grilled net” for a long time, it will burn, but a replacement net (CB-ABR-AMI2) is on sale, so replace it if you are interested. In addition, although the author worked with bare hands, the instruction manual stated that he should wear rubber gloves. Be careful when using it.
Since the ingredients baked with roasting or II are baked with radiant heat instead of open flame, the surface of the ingredients was baked without burning, and I felt that the taste was also trapped. The grilled seafood and yakitori that I went to this time have a finish that cannot be done with an ordinary hot plate or frying pan, and above all, it is fun to feel like a yakitori restaurant with skewers! If you are a child of an age that can be careful of burns, you can enjoy it with the whole family from the baking process. Of course, like the author, it’s perfect for drinking alcohol while baking alone. Even if you don’t start by baking raw ingredients, you can use it for reheating, so if you want to enjoy the hot snacks while drinking a little bit, you may be an ant.

By the way, many people think of yakiniku when it comes to eating while grilling on the table. Of course, you can enjoy yakiniku even with roasting or II. Since it uses a net, it is also a good place to remove excess fat. The beef was baked on high heat in 1-2 minutes, and the vegetables were ready to eat in 5-10 minutes. With this amount of baking time, you can enjoy it without stress. In the yakitori grilled from raw chicken that I tried first, it took a little time to heat with a weak heat because it used a thin bamboo skewer, but if you devise the thickness and type of skewer, it can be grilled in a shorter time. Should be. It took about 5 minutes to reheat the ready-made yakitori, so it seems that the firepower is perfect.
Roasting and II are not products for the outdoors, but they can be used outdoors as long as there is no problem with rain and wind. Price as of July 27, The lowest price is 5,831 yen (tax included), which is reasonable, and I think it is an item that you can easily enjoy authentic yakimono dishes.

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