It looks retro but very tough! Nike “ACG” outdoor shoes “Locate”

Launched in 1989, Nike’s outdoor line “ACG” is an outdoor brand that has developed the manufacturing know-how and technology cultivated as a sports and lifestyle brand. It was an epoch-making attempt at that time, and in the 1990s it made a big break in the fashion scene. And now that outdoor activities such as solo camps are getting a lot of attention, “ACG” is getting a lot of attention again.

From such Nike “ACG”, another pair “Nike ACG locate” has been released. These shoes have a retro look reminiscent of the outdoors in the 1990s and tough functionality that can be used in unpaved wasteland. It is truly a pair that seamlessly connects urban life and the outdoor field.
A combination upper made of multiple materials that combines high durability and breathability!
First of all, pay attention to the upper, which is full of retro outdoor taste. Combining multiple materials such as mesh, suede and rubber, it has excellent breathability, durability and protection.

Water resistance is also improved by covering the mesh near the edge of the toe mudguard and the side panel with rubber.
“TRAIL FRAME” prevents twisting!
And another noteworthy thing is sole technology. The mid sole is equipped with a sole system “TRAIL FRAME” with a shank to prevent twisting. Supports smooth walking without getting caught in unstable rocks. In addition, it is equipped with a sticky rubber outsole, which provides high grip on all road surfaces.
This model is a reassuring pair suitable for summer outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and music festivals. Even though it is an outdoor shoe that tends to be rugged due to its functionality, it is truly Nike to finish it with a retro and simple look! Of course, it is suitable for outdoor style, but it also fits city style with its chic design, so it is of course ant for fashion in the city!

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