It can be used for free research during summer vacation! A special feature on compact digital cameras that excel in “one art”

Summer is finally here! When it comes to summer vacation, many people think of leisure activities such as swimming at the beach, playing in the river, and camping. At this time of year, there are probably many parents who are troubled by their children asking them what themes they should study. In this special feature, we introduce three models of compact digital cameras with unique functions that can be used for “free research on summer vacation with parents and children” for such people.
OM Digital Solutions “Tough TG-6” , a high-performance toughness compact digital camera that is active in the outdoors

The body is waterproof to 15m, dustproof, shockproof to 2.1m, has a load capacity of 100kgf, can withstand temperatures as low as -10°C, and is resistant to condensation. Not only that, it is also waterproof to 15m, so you can use it underwater. It also has load-bearing and shock-resistant performance, so it is also attractive that there is little worry about breaking even if you handle it a little roughly.
“One trick” function that can be used for independent research
“Microscope mode” that allows you to zoom in as close as 1 cm to the subject
The “Tough TG-6” is equipped with another attractive function in addition to its toughness that “can be used safely outdoors”. That is the “microscope mode,” a super macro shooting function that allows you to get as close as 1 cm from the tip of the lens to your subject. In this mode, you can get as close as 1 cm to the subject, and then you can zoom in up to 4x with optical zoom and up to 4x with digital zoom (*up to 2x with super-resolution zoom). When converted to the display magnification of the monitor, it is possible to magnify a maximum of 44.4 times. You can use it like this. Moreover, since it supports AF (autofocus), it is possible to easily observe and record the “microscopic world” that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
When using “Microscope Mode”, we would like you to combine the “LED Light Guide LG-1” and “Flash Diffuser FD-1”, which are sold separately. Using these two accessories will make macro photography easier with the Tough TG-6.

“LED light guide LG-1” that makes it easier to shoot flat subjects

The LG-1 is an accessory that uses the camera’s LED light to evenly illuminate the subject when in Microscope Mode. What is convenient is that the tip is designed so that when attached to the camera, the shortest shooting distance is exactly 1 cm. With the LG-1 attached to the camera, you can shoot by holding the camera close to a flat subject.
“Flash Diffuser FD-1” that makes it easier to take bright macro photos

The FD-1 is a useful accessory for macro photography at a shooting distance longer than 1cm. A circular reflective surface is used to evenly illuminate the front surface of the flash, making it possible to take bright pictures even when the shadows of the camera or hand fall on the subject. It is also effective for suppressing subject blur for moving objects such as insects.
Free research themes and notes using “microscope mode”
“Microscope mode” is a function that can be used for research themes such as “observing things around us with a microscope camera”. It can also be said to be an easy-to-use function for taking pictures of plants, insects, etc. to be posted in an “observation diary”.

Shooting in “microscope mode” is not that difficult, but since the “Tough TG-6” is a toughness compact digital camera, the buttons and levers feel heavier than normal compact digital cameras, making it easy for children to operate. may not be able to handle With a relatively compact size of about 253g (including battery and memory card) and a tough body that can be handled roughly, it is a tool that allows children to exercise their independence, but when it comes to shooting, especially when you first start using it. Parents will need support.

Product image of OLYMPUS Tough TG-6
Lowest price 51,934 yen (release date: July 26, 2019)
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As of August 1, 2022, the COOLPIX P1000 is a model that achieves the world’s highest zoom ratio for a compact digital camera with a built-in lens, 125x optical zoom. This model is the only model that can zoom beyond 100x optical, and the next zoom magnification is the lower model “COOLPIX P950” with “83x optical”. From this, it will be possible to convey how high the zoom performance of this camera is. Weighing about 1415g (including battery and memory card), the body is too big and heavy to be called a “compact”, but it is a camera that responds to the voices of people who want to take large shots of distant subjects.
“One trick” function that can be used for independent research
Super-telephoto shooting function that can clearly record even the craters of the moon
The COOLPIX P1000’s “one trick” function is the super-telephoto shooting function, which is the biggest feature of this camera. The 125x optical zoom is equivalent to 3000mm when converted to the focal length of the 35mm format. It means that “longer focal length = more telephoto shooting”, but the 3000mm equivalent is an overwhelming spec among digital cameras, including single-lens cameras. Even an expensive interchangeable lens for a single-lens camera has a long focal length of about 1000mm (about 2000mm with a teleconverter), so this alone makes this camera worthwhile. What’s more, the “COOLPIX P1000” supports digital zoom from 125x optical. A maximum of 2x (equivalent to a maximum of 6000mm) is possible with the “dynamic fine zoom” that suppresses image quality deterioration, and a total of 4x digital zoom is possible with a further 2x (equivalent to a maximum of 12000mm) with a digital zoom.

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