Is this Adidas !? Adult mass-produced machine “BW Army” that looks fashionable even if it looks suitable

This project “Daddy’s Sneaker” is a serial project that seeks sneakers that can really be used by dads in their 30s and 40s. The average dads of the same generation here are defined as follows.

・ On weekdays, I go to work in a suit. Holidays tend to be safe with a full-body fast brand
・ For holidays, take your family and children to a park or a local shopping center
・ Freely use one month’s allowance is 30,000 to 50,000 yen

These dads should keep in mind the following three points when choosing sneakers.

・ Design that does not float even in the living area ・
Functionality that allows you to run around with children in the park
・ You can buy it in rural areas, and the price is up to 20,000 yen

What is derived from the above conditions is “a standard that transcends trends.” If you wear it, the tension will rise involuntarily, but it will not float. In a nutshell, “sneakers with feet on the ground.” Here, we will introduce the recommended models and how to wear them.

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The 25th Theme / Adult masterpieces that make summer dresses that tend to be full of things look smart
If you think that the short rainy season is over, what is it? When this happens, it becomes difficult to dress up, and on holidays, many dads tend to run away in rough and comfortable clothes such as T-shirts and shorts, sandals and slip-ons. Well, it’s a season that is allowed even if you’re dressed appropriately, and it can’t be helped.

But …, that’s why it’s a great opportunity to make a difference by paying attention to your feet! Therefore, this time, I would like to make the theme of “adult masterpieces that make summer dresses that tend to be full of things look smart”. That’s why the model to be picked up is “BW ARMY” from “adidas Originals”!

The points of this model are the minimal design with anonymity in the good sense that “at first glance, you do not know which brand it is” and the slender form that gives a clean impression. Here, what kind of style does it suit while touching on the characteristics of shoes? While thinking about, I tried to verify “Why buy !?”.
What is “BW Army” in the first place?
By the way, everyone who looks at the photo at the beginning and thinks “I’m familiar with it …”, please take a look! This is the original material of the training shoes, commonly known as “German Trainer”, which were developed for indoor exercises of the West German Army in the 1970s and were discontinued until 1994. In short, it’s military gear, but due to its sophisticated design, Maison brands such as “Maison Margiela” and “DIOR HOMME”, “REPRODUCTION OF FOUND” Many shoes that sampled the same model have been released by shoe brands such as ”and even famous select shops, and due to the large number of military releases, it has become a staple in the used clothing industry.

By the way, it is generally accepted that the inventor of this shoe is “adidas” (“PUMA” is also named, but the company officially denies it … It’s complicated). , The word “BW” in the model name is taken from the factory maker “BW SPORT” that was producing “German Toner” at that time (the relationship around here is Not opaque). As a result of further investigation, as mentioned above, the machine that spread as a standard model was owned by Japanese shoe maker “TANAKA UNIVERSAL” and shoe maker “CEBO” that existed in Czechoslovakia. It is said that it was the first in the world to be reprinted in 1998 by inheriting the mold and mold.

As mentioned above, the shoes released by various brands are for military use and were not supposed to be sold to the general public, so the shoe design itself is in the public domain (design registration and trademark registration are not done, and it is public. It seems that it is treated like (it can be used freely as a thing). When “Tanaka Universal” revived this “German Trainer”, it was made free to use without design registration or trademark registration.

I said for a long time, but I’m not sure if the story I introduced is accurate, so we should remember that “German trainer = German training shoes & a generic term for the same design based on it”. I wonder if it’s OK for the time being.

Now, let’s dig into the details of the shoes while looking at the actual photos of the main character “BW Army”.
“Anonymous beauty” dwells in a lean and minimal form
By the way, talking about the background of shoes has become longer than I expected, but “BW Army” is an honest story, and like other low-tech shoes, design is more important than functionality. Moreover, regarding its design, it features a smooth leather upper, a suede overlay, and a candy-colored gum sole, which is a minimal word. From here, we will focus on such design and focus on the details of the shoes.
While following the manners of the original model, it casually creates individuality
First, let’s start with the toe part, which is the face of the sneakers. Designed with a low instep and a clean form, it supports a wide range of items from slender denim to loose-fitting slacks, and the hem fits well. In addition, the durability is enhanced by switching to suede material.

And the tongue part. Here, the trefoil, which is a symbol of Adidas, is decorated in the same color. By eliminating the same iconic three lines (three stripes), a casual assertion is added to the design with anonymity. However, the basic format is the same as the “German Trainer” etiquette. Therefore, the logo does not appear on the heel part, which is the “face of the back”.

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