Is the grand prize of Japan’s first “Seasoned Genghis Khan Grand Prix” really good? I checked by eating and comparing!

In the gourmet area, there is a “fourth meat” debate next to cows, pigs and chickens, and the two leading candidates are horses and sheep. Rather than talking about which one is better, it should probably be a horse for Kumamoto and Fukushima citizens, and a sheep for Hokkaido and Nagano citizens. This is because the culture that has been eaten in various places since ancient times is deeply related.

However, in that respect, sheep are becoming a little more predominant in Japan these days, as the number of “Gachi Chinese” derived from China, the country that eats the most sheep in the world, is increasing. In the midst of these trends, an interesting competition called “Seasoned Genghis Khan Grand Prix” was held in June 2022.
In Japan, more than 200 kinds of seasoned Genghis Khan are sold, and 68 products have been submitted from each manufacturer. Six lamb professionals, including Aussie Lamb’s evangelist and Lamb Bassador, will judge for 11 hours. Seven products were selected from there, and one of them won the Grand Prix.
1: The fresh taste of meat and sauce is an exquisite
Grand Prix “Shirakaba Genghis Khan”
The first challenge was the Grand Prix winner “Shirakaba Genghis Khan”. There are two main features. One is that it is seasoned in the pack and has a separate sauce. The other is that it is delivered refrigerated rather than frozen. I feel a strong commitment to deliciousness.
“Shirakaba Genghis Khan” uses mutton (*) that has grown strong. For the parts, we select soft loin, richly flavored roses, and peaches with a good texture, and blend them uniquely. On top of that, it is cut into a size that is easy to eat and an exquisite thickness that makes the texture of the meat feel good, and the deliciousness is confined.

*: Generally, “mutton” is lamb that is more than 2 years old. Lambs less than one year old are called “rams”, and sheep between the first and second years of age are called “hogets”.
When you taste it as it is, you can feel the milky taste of sheep. The sauce has a sweet and sour punch, but it is also sharp and harmonizes perfectly with the taste of the sheep. There are people who often say “sheep has a savory taste”, and I personally think that is the charm of sheep, but those who care about the stubbornness should taste it firmly in the sauce. Probably. On the contrary, if you like sheep, be careful not to wear too much.
The seasoning in the pack is delicate, probably because it has a sauce, and the taste is soaked into the meat, but that’s why I realized that it is a Genghis Khan that can enjoy the charm of sheep to the fullest. I would like to recommend it to sheep lovers, and it is delicious enough for the Grand Prix.

2: A new sense of deliciousness that can be enjoyed like a dice steak
Australian Embassy Award “Salt Koro Genghis Khan”
Next is a rare Genghis Khan called salty taste. “Azuma Naruyoshi Shisui Honpo”, which has a store in Atsuma-cho near Chitose and Tomakomai in Hokkaido, handles various seasoned Genghis Khan, and one of the most popular is “Salt Koro Genghis Khan”.
In this product, lamb meat that has been chilled for about 2 weeks is carefully processed and cut into bite-sized pieces. For pickled sauce, smoked rock salt, shiitake mushroom stock, and dried knots are used to bring out the flavor of the meat. In addition, we are full of commitments everywhere, such as using only natural water from the Shirakami Mountains.
A relatively simple seasoning that does not use ginger, fruits, spices, etc. By that amount, the “sheep feeling” is stronger, and a powerful scent comes from the soba noodles that are being baked. It also features a rugged cut that looks like “for curry and stew” that you can see in the meat corner of supermarkets. You can expect this!

From the first bite, it feels like pushing back. This is unique to a thick cut. But it’s not hard, it’s a wild and rich direction. The seasoning is moderate salting that makes the best use of the umami of lamb, and the salted plums of coarsely ground black pepper are also wonderful. Genghis Khan that goes well with sake as well as white rice.
3: Juicy meat and irresistible seasoning
Aussie Lamme Medal “Shinshu Shinmachi Authentic Genghis Khan Lamb Loin”
Nagano Prefecture is the second largest lamb area after Hokkaido. Many Genghis Khan stores are lined up on the “Genghis Khan Highway” along National Highway No. 19. The product of the manufacturer in Nagano Prefecture that won the Aussie Lamme Medal was “Shinshu Shinmachi Authentic Genghis Khan Lamb Loin”. We are working on Musashi and food in Shinshushinmachi, Nagano City, which has a particularly strong sheep food culture in the prefecture.
There is no official homepage for Musashi and Food, and online shopping is not done on a large scale. It’s lined up in many supermarkets in the prefecture, so it’s a good idea to remember it as a souvenir from Nagano. However, the production and sales are currently suspended due to the delay in importing raw meat, and sales are scheduled to resume in August 2022.
What impressed me when I tasted it was how the sauce was soaked in. The taste of sweet and sour sauce spreads in your mouth along with the meat juice, probably because it is carefully pickled in the pack. The sauce is a type that has the aroma of ginger and the sweetness of onions, and the sweetness and intensity are moderate. You can feel the deliciousness of the sheep.

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