Introducing 17 “G-SHOCK” released in June 2022! Attention is the full metal of “geometric camouflage”

This series is a plan to introduce the new work of Casio Computer’s shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” every month of release. This time, we will introduce all 17 models released in June 2022, along with the photos taken.
This is the most notable model released in June 2022!
Full metal “GMW-B5000” coated with geometric camouflage pattern
Among the models released in June 2022, the most notable is the new color “GMW-B5000TVB” of the “GMW-B5000” series, which has been fully metalized while keeping the design of the first G-SHOCK model “DW-5000C” that was born in 1983. “.
Following the “GMW-B5000TVA-1JR” released in October 2021, this model was designed with inspiration from the virtual world, and titanium is used as the material to reduce weight. It is colored step by step using surface processing technology and coated with a geometric camouflage pattern with black and brown IP.

In addition, the world view of games and science fiction movies is dropped, and specs and numbers are engraved on the bezel and band with a laser. The lugs on the bezel have been lightened, and the case and fine resin are exposed.
Introducing other models released in June 2022 at once!
A unique series with color deposition on the entire surface of the glass plate for the first time
For the first time from G-SHOCK, the “Iridescent Color” series, in which the entire surface of the glass plate is vapor-deposited, is introduced. The rainbow vapor deposition, which shows various shades due to the reflection of light, expresses the image of the ever-changing midsummer dusk. Each product has a different brilliance, so you can own it as your own.

Three models are used as the base model: the octagon bezel “GA-2100”, the big case “GA-110”, and the square case “DW-5600”.
Image of sand and soil colors from all over the world!
Five color models based on the image of “SANDLAND” are now available. The base model is the “GW-B5600” equipped with a radio wave reception function, Bluetooth communication function, and tough solar in a square case, the “GA-2200” with a thin and sporty analog needle and digital display, and the big with a tough solar. It uses three models of the rugged “GX-56”.
The “SAND LAND” series uses a mixed-color molded bezel and band in which two colors of resin are mixed in each color, imagining the colors of sand and soil from all over the world, and each is finished with a unique texture. ing.
Two models incorporating porcelain “blue and white” in the design
Two models that incorporate the porcelain “blue flower” that expresses a blue pattern on a white background into the design.
The base model uses the square case “DW-5600” and the octagon bezel “GA-2100”. The bezel and case are made of mixed color molding resin and have a glossy finish to express the pattern used for “blue flowers”.
Adopting the heterogeneity of “bug” in the digital world in the design!
A model that expresses “Glitch (bug)” projected on the monitor, which is the medium of the digital world, with polarized ink printing, MAP printing, and skeleton resin.
“Digital Glitch” is a design that incorporates the heterogeneity of noise in the digital world and is printed on the entire case and band. It uses blue-based green to purple polarized inks, and expresses “Glitch” by showing various facial expressions depending on the angle of the viewer.
The motif is a rainbow created by the spray of water from dolphins and whales.
G-SHOCK “GWX-8904K-7JR” has appeared as a collaboration model with “Eye Search Japan”, which works on activities to convey the splendor of dolphins, whales, and nature.

The motif of this model is a rainbow created by the spray of water from dolphins and whales. The bezel has a colorful rainbow IP and mirror finish, based on a refreshing white that suits the summer season. While adopting the “GWX-8900” with a prominent metal bezel as the base model, by making fine adjustments, multicolored coloring like a rainbow is realized. Since each rainbow IP has a slightly different color, you can enjoy a unique gradation for each point.

A gold ring is laid out as an accent on the dial. In addition, the “Eye Search Japan” logo and illustrations of dolphins and whales are displayed on bands and play rings, and the special specifications are such that whales appear on the dial when the backlight is turned on.

Furthermore, as an environmental consideration, it is equipped with a tough solar that can be driven by even a small amount of light such as fluorescent lamps and does not require regular battery replacement. The package uses a special box made of recycled paper and a 100% cotton drawstring bag.

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