Impact of the announcement of the abolition of the 0 yen category, the number of Rakuten Mobile subscribers decreased by about 220,000

“Biweekly Smartphone News” is a series that summarizes news related to the mobile industry, including smartphones, announced in the last two weeks. This time, we will deliver three topics such as the decrease in the number of Rakuten Mobile contracts and the distribution of “Android 13”.

The number of contracts decreased by about 220,000 due to the announcement that Rakuten Mobile will abolish the 0 yen category. Attention should also be paid to moves toward the end of the transitional measures at the end of October.
At the Group financial results briefing held on August 10, 2022, Rakuten revealed that the number of contracts for Rakuten Mobile as of the end of June of the same year was approximately 5.46 million (including 690,000 contracts for MVNO). In the first quarter of 2010 (end of March), the number of contracts including MVNO was about 5.68 million, so the number of contracts decreased by about 220,000 in three months. The main reason for the decrease in the number of contracts is the new rate plan “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII” announced in mid-May. In this new rate plan, the 0 yen division, which does not charge if the monthly communication capacity is 1 GB or less, which was the main feature of the conventional plan, has been abolished, and the monthly charge of 1,078 yen (tax included) will be the minimum charge for monthly communication capacity of 3 GB or less.

In addition, Rakuten Mobile has taken transitional measures up to October billing due to the abolition of the 0 yen category, and if the monthly communication capacity is 1 GB or less, it can be used virtually free of charge. It will be interesting to see what happens to the number of contracts when this transitional measure ends.
Google starts distributing Android 13
On August 16, 2022, Google began distributing Android 13, the latest version of Android OS. Android 13 has improved the new screen design “Material You” adopted from Android 12. Also new is more thorough notification management, with downloaded apps first requiring user permission to notify. As a result, you will not be able to receive arbitrary notifications from the app.

In addition, a new task bar has been added as a new function for tablets, making it easy to switch between tasks. In addition, operability has been improved such that malfunctions are less likely to occur even if a finger touches the screen when using a stylus to enter characters or pictures.

It should be noted that it will be available for download on some of the Google Pixel series from August 16th, but it will be provided to devices such as Samsung, Oppo, Sharp, Sony, and Xiaomi in the first half of next year.
“Xperia PRO” and “Xperia PRO-I” updates expand the function of “external monitor app”
On August 17, 2022, Sony implemented a software update for the open market smartphones “Xperia PRO” and “Xperia PRO-I”.

In this update, the function of the “external monitor function” has been enhanced, and in addition to supporting the live distribution function using Sony’s digital single-lens camera “α” connected by wire, exposure during video production using an external camera, etc. “Waveform monitor function” and “false color function” that can be confirmed are implemented.

Also, as a new function only for “Xperia PRO”, “Alpha camera” that can operate the camera such as video recording / stopping, status display from smartphone by combining each model of “α1”, “α7S III”, “α7 IV” Equipped with control function.
Summary of update information for smartphones and mobile phones
We have summarized the software update information for smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, etc. released between August 5 and August 18, 2022. Note that terminals that are regularly updated are excluded.

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