If you close your eyes to the bug, it’s a good work! PS5 “Battlefield 2042” review of up to 128 players

If you’re an FPS fan, you’ve probably heard of the “Battlefield” series once. The latest work, “Battlefield 2042” (BF 2042), was released with great expectations for 128 players, which is the largest in the series, but more bugs than gameplay are talked about. It has become.

However, if you close your eyes to bugs, “BF 2042” is a good work!

* Since this article was created on December 7, 2021, it does not mention updates delivered after that. note that.
What kind of game is “Battlefield 2042”?
Released on November 19, 2021 by Electronic Arts (developed by DICE), “BF 2042” is the latest in the popular FPS “Battlefield” series. It can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC, and features simultaneous play by a large number of people and large-scale maps.

The stage of this work is in the near future of 2042, and the world has entered a chaotic war state due to the effects of abnormal weather and economic collapse. Those who have been displaced will become a cross-border group “No Pad” and will participate in the war with either the US or Russian forces, the world’s last superpowers, over their future. increase.

Soldiers can participate in battles with one main weapon, one secondary weapon, one throwing weapon, and one gadget, as well as vehicles such as cars, tanks, helicopters, and fighters. It is a tradition of the series that the battle style changes greatly depending on which one you use.
Battle is not just a shooting, but a game mode such as “Conquest” or “Breakthrough” that competes for bases, and it is necessary to have a strategy to anticipate the movements of your own army and enemy army rather than the skill of FPS.
While playing the “Battlefield” series, I think that the appeal that I consistently feel is the part that makes me think about how I will fight in a pseudo-war environment.

There are moments around the battlefield where you can feel uplifted while playing, such as when you get a series of kills, when you succeed in taking a base that changes the battlefield by standing around well, or when you succeed in silent communication with your friends in the stray. increase. In search of that moment, when I notice it, I grab the controller. I will explain the charm of “BF 2042” with such addiction from the next section.

Anyway, there are many bugs in BF 2042
While saying that I will explain the charm, the first thing I have to touch on is the bug of this work. “Battlefield” was a game with many bugs even in the past work, but even though “BF 2042” is a commercial version, there are so many bugs that I doubt “This is not a beta test …?”. At the time of writing the article (December 7, 2021), three updates have already been delivered, but the situation is that new bugs are born instead of fixing existing bugs.

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