If you are looking for an affordable light super height wagon, how about the Suzuki “Palette”?

While there are restrictions such as limited body size and displacement, mini vehicles are greatly favored in terms of maintenance costs. Until a long time ago, there was an image of a vehicle that forced you to endure various things, but in recent years vehicles with equipment on par with ordinary cars are not uncommon, and there are many that can withstand use as a first car. .

A typical example of this is the light vehicle of the genre called the super height wagon. Even with its limited body size, the high overall height provides a spacious interior space, and the addition of sliding doors on both sides enhances convenience.

Such a light super height wagon is a popular model, so when you think about buying a used car, the bottleneck is that it is relatively expensive and stable. Therefore, I would like to recommend the “Suzuki Palette”, which is surprisingly affordable for a light super height wagon.

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Palette was born as a rival car of Daihatsu “Tanto”
Suzuki “Palette”, which was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show held in 2007 and started selling in January of the following year, is a rival car of Daihatsu “Tanto”, which became a popular model when the first model appeared in 2003. was born.\

Pallet, which became a hot topic as the first mini vehicle with a bonnet to adopt sliding doors on both sides, was also the model that became the basis of modern mini super height wagons.
The pallet is also well-equipped, and all grades were standardly equipped with electric retractable door mirrors, seat lifters and tilt steering, self-luminous meters, and ABS, which are often omitted in lower grades of minicars. In addition to the lower grade “G”, it was also characteristic that it was equipped with equipment one class above, such as side airbags and electric sliding doors.
The interior has spacious bench-type front seats and rear seats large enough for adults to cross their legs, and the newly adopted low-floor platform allows the ground clearance of the rear steps to be as low as 340mm. is doing.
In addition to the wide opening of the back door, the rear seat has a dive-down mechanism that can be used as an almost flat and vast luggage space when stowed, making it easy to use.

The engine to be installed was the “K6A” type engine, which was widely used in Suzuki’s light cars at the time, and NA and turbo (installed in the “T” series grade) were available. At the time of its debut, it was only fitted with a 4-speed AT, but due to improvements made in September 2009, all models except the “G” grade were equipped with a CVT with an auxiliary gearbox, the first in the world to be installed on a commercial vehicle. This results in improved acceleration and improved fuel efficiency. After that, while making changes such as improving the CVT and adopting an idling stop system to improve fuel efficiency, sales continued until around February 2013, and the successor model “Spacia” took over the baton. Noda.

See used car information for Suzuki “Pallet” at price.com

“Palette” that can be found from the total payment amount of 100,000 yen
A palette that adopted many of the elements of light super height wagons that are currently popular. For that reason, one of the attractions is that even now, more than 10 years after its debut, there are few points of dissatisfaction with the contents of the equipment. However, since the years have passed, there are many cheap properties in the used car market, and there are several cheap ones that can be purchased for a total payment of 100,000 yen. .
However, no matter how cheap it is, it is difficult to recommend a vehicle that runs too much, but if the budget can be increased to 400,000 yen, an improved CVT-equipped model with a mileage of 50,000 km or less and an advanced grade “X” series It is recommended because you can aim at the vehicle sufficiently.

Furthermore, if the budget is increased to 600,000 yen, a property with a “T” grade equipped with a turbo engine that boasts ample output, a CVT, and a mileage of 70,000 km or less will be within range. Although the NA model is sufficient for normal driving around town, we recommend the turbo model, which has plenty of power performance, for people who often carry people or who often travel on highways. .

At the time of writing the article, the most expensive used pallet cars are slightly below 900,000 yen, and the most posted cars are in the 200,000 to 300,000 yen range. The biggest feature is that it has a high bargain overall.
By the way, there is a model called “Palette SW” with a sharp front mask as a derivative model of Palette. Palette SW has the highest number of listings, with a slightly high price of 300,000 yen to 400,000 yen, but the functions and performance as a car are equivalent to the pallet, so “The pallet SW looks good! Except for those who are particular about it, it is safe to say that the regular pallet is overwhelmingly superior in cost performance.

*Prices, market prices, quantities, recommended models, etc. of used cars published in this article are information at the time of publication.

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