I won’t buy sandwiches anymore!? God item that cuts 5-6 slices of bread into half

I love unrivaled sandwiches that I could eat every day. I don’t just buy commercially available ones, but I often make them myself, but I have one problem… There are few types of bread for sandwiches, and it’s a bit expensive!

The store often runs out of stock, so I thought, “Well, maybe I should make it with normal bread,” and looked at the sales floor, but there was no 8-slice! In the first place, in western Japan, 8 slices of white bread are not sold very often. Of course, you can cut it into 5 or 6 slices, but it’s a little thick for sandwiches…

I think the same thing can be said about hot sandwiches, which have been popular for the past few years. Two slices of bread from the morning alone is tough, isn’t it? I found an item that seemed to be useful in such a scene, so I tried using it immediately!

5-6 slices of bread can be sliced ​​even thinner!
That is Ernest’s item called “Let’s cut it thin and sandwich it.” This product allows you to slice 5 or 6 slices of bread into half thin slices.
The corresponding bread is 5 slices or 6 slices of square and mountain-shaped bread. First, try it with a five-cut mountain-shaped bread.

It’s very easy to use. If you want to slice 5 slices of bread, place the previously stacked frame on a flat surface so that the side where you can see the letters “for 5 slices” is facing up, and set the bread.
Let’s slice. Insert a bread knife between the frames and slowly cut the corners of the bread first. Once the corner is cut, move the blade in small increments to cut the entire piece straight. The point is to gently press the bread and the frame while cutting.
A clear difference compared to freehand sliced ​​bread!
Next, I will try it with 6 slices of square bread. Next, let’s compare the result when cutting freehand and when cutting with “Let’s cut thinly and sandwich”.
First of all, in the case of freehand, the pan moves, so it is not stable, and I felt it was a little difficult to cut. It felt like cutting forward without knowing if it was cut in half. And as for the finish, it seems that the slices are surprisingly cleanly sliced, but unfortunately there were some parts that were not evenly thick and were so thin that the bread seemed to break. If this is the case, when making sandwiches or hot sandwiches, the ingredients may pierce the bread or the seasoning may seep out.

Next, slice the 6-sliced ​​bread with “Let’s cut it thinly and sandwich it”.
Look at this difference in finish! Very nice and evenly sliced. In terms of ease of cutting, the bread was fixed thanks to the frame, so I was able to cut it steadily. It’s really easy because you don’t have to worry about “Is this position okay?”

The trick is to cut slowly and gradually. It is recommended that you use a knife with a blade length of 16 cm or more that cuts as well as possible, or a bread knife.

You can make sandwiches and hot sandwiches that are just right for one person ♪
Since it’s a big deal, I tried making various things with sliced ​​bread and eating it. Cutting 6 slices in half was thin for the first time, but it was just the right amount for one person and I was very satisfied ♪
And the best thing I felt was that even flavored bread with ingredients can be used for sandwiches and hot sandwiches! There are few types of commercially available sandwich bread, and I have only seen plain bread types. However, if you have “Let’s cut thinly and make sandwiches”, you can make rye bread, whole wheat bread, and raisin bread thinner for sandwiches!
Of course, it can be washed as a whole when cleaning, and the use of a dishwasher is also OK. In my house, I really don’t think I’ll buy sandwich bread anymore!

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