I want you to listen to it once! KX-3SX, the core model of Krypton, a prestigious closed speaker

Crypton will release the 2-way closed speaker “SX-3SX” in early October 2022. The suggested retail price is 437,800 yen (tax included) for a pair. This is the 6th generation of the “KX-3” series, and the main change from the conventional model “KX-3 Spirit” is that the internal wiring material has been changed. The KX-3SX is said to have achieved the fusion of ‘core technology’ and ‘new technology’.
The main specifications of “KX-3SX” are as follows.
The change from the conventional product, that is, the “new technology” part is basically the same as the already released model “KX-5PX”. The company’s speaker cables “SC-HR1500″/”SC-HR1300” were used as wiring materials from the speaker terminals on the back of the main unit to the woofer/tweeter units to improve sound quality. In addition, the enclosure uses a plate with Wonder Rose, which is thicker than before.
A speaker that conveys human voices with “just the right amount”
When I say it like this, it looks like a minor update, but Krypton’s speakers have a solid concept of “core technology” and have a history of polishing their quality through repeated maturation. This time, too, the updates have steadily accumulated, and when I listened to the “KX-3SX”, I strongly felt that it was a speaker that could reproduce everything from classical music with a wide dynamic range to pop music with vocals.

I’m especially impressed with Krypton speakers when playing songs with vocals. Diana Krall’s “California Dreamin'”, a classic song played at Crypton Lab, always makes me think that I am listening to someone with a good voice singing with a good sound.

Voices that make you feel thick, detailed reverb components floating in the space, and tight low-range reproduction—this is the beauty of Krypton, which is common in the KS series of small active speakers for desktop use. These are the results of Krypton speaker designer Masaru Watanabe, who says, “We value the range of the human voice,” and are also the result of our “core technology.”

“Alnico”, “closed type” and “Kurt Muller” are the “Three Sacred Treasures” of Krypton
Here, I would like to introduce Krypton’s “core technology” again. Krypton’s speakers emphasize the “core” of the “alnico magnet magnetic circuit”, “sealed enclosure”, and “170 mm diameter Kurt Muller cone woofer”. These are likened to the “Three Sacred Treasures”, and the main speakers are being developed.

“Alnico magnet magnetic circuit” refers to the use of alnico magnets in the magnetic circuits of woofers and tweeters. It is very expensive compared to the commonly used ferrite magnet, but it is said that it is absolutely necessary for the realization of the ideal. One of the characteristics of alnico is that it has little leakage magnetic flux, but in the end, the goodness of alnico is reflected in the “transient”, that is, the goodness of the rise and fall of the sound, says Watanabe.

Next, “sealed enclosure” literally means that the enclosure is sealed. It can be said that the current mainstream speaker system is the “bass reflex type” with enhanced low frequency reproduction capability, but Krypton is consistently adopted in the “KX” series as a closed type. This is because I don’t like the fact that bass reflex speakers have an “undamped area” in the lowest range. He believes that the bass sound emitted by the unit that moves unintentionally is not originally included in the music, and that it should be a closed type for pure music reproduction. Accommodating the back pressure of the unit inside a closed enclosure, which is difficult, is treated with sound absorbing material.
Finally, the “170 mm diameter Kurt Muller cone woofer” is equipped with a woofer unit made by German Kurt Muller. The caliber is basically 170mm.  Watanabe when he was enrolled in Victor, and the design has not changed at all.  Victor also had a 200mm woofer model called “SX-500”. After going through 250mm → 200mm with Victor, and then 170mm with Krypton, it seems that they have reached the ideal state where strength can be obtained without unnecessary reinforcement.

Also, it is important that the size of 170mm is close to “Rokuhan” (6 and a half inches = about 165mm). This leads to the importance of the “human voice” mentioned at the beginning. It is designed so that the woofer can handle all the basic bands necessary for music reproduction without creating a crossover point in the human voice band. He believes that this will lead to a natural, well-balanced sound. The crossover frequency of the “KX-3SX” is 3.5kHz (the tweeter is responsible for sounds above 3.5kHz). If the highest frequency range of human voice is around 2 kHz or less, then the woofer is in charge of all the important frequencies that Mr. Watanabe considers.
The appeal of Krypton speakers is also their ease of handling.
Aiming for a natural sound, Mr. Watanabe started out in the audio industry by saying, “Using a ‘Rokuhan’ unit with a low frequency reproduction limit of 35Hz, we will create a speaker that can reproduce bass frequencies up to 50Hz when placed in an enclosure.” It seems that it was a goal from That leads to Krypton’s speaker concept.

By the way, if there is a point to be worried about when seriously considering purchasing Krypton speakers, it is “How much bass does it come out?” In this regard, Mr. Watanabe is clear that he is not aiming for “heavy bass” from the beginning. Enthusiasts who want it should choose products from other manufacturers. However, it should be noted that “heavy bass” here is different from “bass” in the general sense.

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