I tried the “original frame drive” of the 4K organic EL Regza “X9900L” on PS5

REGZA has been selling powerful gaming functions for a long time, but it may be difficult to understand the value of this “original frame drive” without understanding the technical overview.

Among gamers, there are three gaming specs that are becoming a hot topic for displays that project the screen.

The first is the “input frame rate” , for example 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 160Hz… PS5, which is a home video game console, supports up to 4K/120Hz, and TV panels sold in Japan only support up to 120Hz. It will be an option for a PC gaming environment.

The second is “response speed” . PC displays that use liquid crystal panels generally have specifications around 1 to 5 ms, but gaming monitors and other products claiming 1 ms or less are increasing. By the way, the organic EL panel is about 0.1 ms, and if you look only at the response speed, the organic EL TV using the organic EL panel is more advantageous than the PC display using the liquid crystal panel.

The third is a specification called “input delay” , which has little information disclosure even on PC displays . This is a composite element of the video circuit and panel, and represents the time lag before the game video is displayed on the screen. This is something that always happens with TVs and PC displays, but there are an overwhelming number of products whose information is not disclosed, and there are probably many people who do not know about it. Since home TVs perform various high-quality processing in the video engine, if you look only at the specs of “input delay”, remember that home TVs tend to have a larger delay than PC displays. I want you to keep

Let’s look at the basic specifications of the 4K organic EL Regza “X9900L” series after covering the basic contents of the gaming specifications. The panel is equipped with a 4K/120Hz organic EL panel, and supports 4K/120Hz input with two HDMI terminals. And the “original frame drive” implemented in the 4K organic EL REGZA “X9900L” series this time is a function related to the third “input delay”.

REGZA has been active in disclosing “input delay” for some time, and the organic EL REGZA “X9900L” series has revealed a figure of about 9.3ms (excluding panel delay) with 4K / 60Hz input. And the “original frame drive” implemented this time reduces this input delay to about 2.4ms (excluding panel delay).

Please see the diagram below for details on how it works. To put it simply, the organic EL panel is driven by 120Hz, so it was necessary to double the speed processing and delay it, but since this processing is unnecessary for 4K / 60Hz game play, this is omitted and the 120Hz organic EL panel It means that the delay is reduced by moving like this.
Although the PS5 is said to support 4K/120Hz, there are very few game titles that support 120Hz (for example, the PS5 version of “Apex Legends”, “ELDEN RING”, and “Genshin Impact” are all 4K/60Hz). ), the majority of 60Hz games will benefit from this.

“4K Lag Tester” confirms ultra-low input delay of 3.2 ms
In order to actually use “original frame drive”, select “game” in the video menu (automatically recognized when PS5 is connected), then switch the double speed mode from “game direct” to “original frame”. .
This time, as an input delay measurement tool, I measured the actual input delay with the measurement tool “4K Lag Tester”. The test video signal is a 4K/60Hz/SDR signal.
First of all, when I measured from “Omakase AI”, which is the default setting of the video menu of the 4K organic EL REGZA “X9900L” series, the result was 144.4ms. This is the power of non-game mode on home TVs.

When this is set to “Game Direct”, which is prepared from the time of shipment in the organic EL REGZA “X9900L” series, the delay is reduced to 11.8ms. At the time of this figure, it is a top class result for home TV. If you enable “original frame” from here, the input delay is reduced to 3.2ms. This spec has a low latency performance comparable to that of a PC monitor.

By the way, it is 0.1ms slower than what is introduced on the TVS REGZA official YouTube, but this value changes with a slight shift in the measurement position on the screen, and the more you attack the upper left corner of the screen, the better the value.

Experience the effect of “original frame drive” in “Apex Legends” and “Genshin”
I also checked the difference in actual gameplay. First of all, when playing “Apex Legends” and switching settings and operating … To be honest, even at 11.8ms, there was a noticeable delay, but when switching to “original frame” there was a slight delay in response. will be gone. It’s hard to feel when you come this far, but the figure of 3.2ms says it all.
When I compare “Game Direct” and “Original Frame” in “Genshin Impact,” which I have played for a long time, the “Original Frame” has a slightly faster response to the motion of the main character swinging his sword. I also noticed that when the “original frame” is enabled, the blurring of the display that occurs when the character moves is small. This is generally an element where “response speed” is effective, so it is originally rare in organic EL, but due to the display characteristics of the “original frame”, it seems to have the effect of suppressing flickering and making it look clear

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