I got a “minor point” for my baby (0 years and 3 months old)! [Card application deadline is approaching]

In the “Minor Point 2nd” currently being held, you can get points worth up to 20,000 yen per person. The target person is “person who has my number card”. In other words, children are OK as long as they have a card. So, I decided to make a My Number card for my daughter (0 years and 3 months old at the time of writing) who was born in June this year (2022) and apply for Myna Points.
In order to receive the 20,000 yen equivalent, you will need your health insurance card and bank account in addition to your My Number card. It took some effort and time to obtain these, but in the end all the conditions were cleared. Let’s look back at the end. I would appreciate it if you could refer to it if you are thinking about getting a My Number card for your child or applying for Myna Points.

*For those who are going to apply for a My Number Card and would like to receive the 2nd Myna Points, please be aware that the deadline for applying for a My Number Card is approaching September 30, 2022. For details, please refer to the chapter “What babies do to get the full amount of Mynapoints”.
Let’s get the child’s “Myna Points”

So, how many “minor points” can we actually get at home (a family of three)? In this “Minor Point 2nd”,

(1) Equivalent to 5,000 yen for those who receive “Minor Points” for the first time after acquiring a My Number
Card (2) Equivalent to 7,500 yen for “application as a health insurance card”
(3) 7,500 yen for “registration of public money receipt account” Equivalent

And you can get points worth up to 20,000 yen per person.

The author and his wife have previously received the “first round of minor points”, so the 5,000 yen equivalent of (1) is not eligible. This is my daughter’s first “minor point”, so she is eligible for a maximum of 20,000 yen. In other words, the author will receive 15,000 yen worth of points, the wife will receive 15,000 yen worth of points, and the daughter will receive 20,000 yen worth of points, for a total of 50,000 yen worth of points. Thank you for this!

What babies do to get Mynapoints at the “full price”
In early July, the author and his wife quickly earned 30,000 yen (15,000 yen x 2) with PayPay. The rest is worth 20,000 yen for his daughter. So, first of all, we have organized the essential items for the baby to receive the “second minor point” at the “full price”.

“Four necessities” for earning “full amount” of minor points
1: The person’s “My Number Card”
is the “leading role” that the government wants to spread in this project. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the penetration rate as of the end of August 2022 is 47.7%. It continues to be said that it is not very popular, but before you know it, one out of every two people in Japan has one.

2: “Cashless payment” is OK in the name of the parent. However, in order to receive minor points with a service other than the parent’s minor points, it is
necessary to use the target cashless payment service such as “PayPay”, “Rakuten Pay”, and “Suica”. If the applicant is under the age of 15 and it is difficult for him/herself to apply, as in our case, we can apply through a cashless payment service in the name of a legal representative (parents, etc.). However, it is not possible to combine the Mynapoints of multiple people for the same cashless payment service. In short, it is necessary to apply for a service different from the parent’s Mynapoint.

3: The person’s “health insurance card”
“Using my number card as a health insurance card” is one of the measures being promoted by the government. If you apply for this, you will be eligible for points that are “equivalent to 7,500 yen”. Of course, it is necessary to have a health insurance card, so if you are just born like my daughter, you need to get a health insurance card first.

4: “Account for receiving public money” in the name of the person
Under the new corona, various benefits are a big topic, but the “account for receiving public money” is used for those benefits. If you register your bank account in advance with your My Number, you will not need to submit your account information again when applying for “public money” such as benefits and tax refunds. And this registration will also be subject to the point award of “7,500 yen worth”. This requires an “applicant’s own account”, so you need to create a bank account for your daughter.

“8 Steps” to Earn Mina Points “Full Price”
Assuming that 2 “cashless payment” uses the author’s, there are three remaining necessities. With this in mind, here’s a summary of what to do. As expected, the road is long, but we will clear it one by one.

1: Create a health insurance card
2: Create a bank account
3: Apply for a My Number card when your My Number is notified
4: Receive your My Number card
5: Apply for Myna Points
6: Apply for use as a health insurance card
7 : Register a public money receiving account
8: Pay (or charge) with the cashless payment you applied for

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