I compared Noble Audio’s ANC equipped complete wireless “FoKus H-ANC” with “FoKus PRO”

The FoKus series is a series based on the concept of sound quality top priority, which is different from Noble Audio’s completely wireless earphone “FALCON” series, and the second product equipped with an active noise canceling function is ” FoKus H-ANC “. The colors are blue and purple. The release date is September 20th, and the estimated market price is around 33,000 yen.
Noble Audio x Knowles = FoKus Series
When talking about the FoKus series, we must not forget the presence of Knowles. The company is a global leader in BA drivers and MEMS microphones, and in collaboration with Noble Audio, created the FoKus series. At the heart of this was the RAN BA driver, which was originally developed for hearing aids and was newly developed specifically for music, and a φ10mm dynamic driver for low frequencies. “FoKus H-ANC” adopts a hybrid type that combines these. Dr. John Moulton, an audiologist and audiologist who is also known as the Wizard and is the founder of Noble Audio, participates in determining the sound.

Powerful ANC and personalization of sound characteristics are popular
The installed ANC has a maximum suppression effect of -40 dB, and completely cuts out the air conditioner blowing noise that is worrisome in the summer. The low-frequency noise reduction effect is large and practical even in a noisy subway, but the high-frequency effect is suppressed, such as in-car announcements can be heard as is. Conversely, conversations were possible without using the external sound capture function. . The ANC uses the most accurate feedforward/feedback method, and uses three Knowles MEMS microphones, three on the left and right, for a total of six.

The “FoKus app” provided for smartphones has a hearing measurement function, and based on this result, you can use a personalization function that automatically equalizes earphones. You can easily obtain an equalizing curve that matches the characteristics of your ears and pursue higher sound quality. When I actually tried it, my ears seemed to lose sensitivity below 250Hz and above 8kHz, and I was able to obtain a curve that lifts those areas. Certainly, when this correction is applied to the earphone, the volume of the low range has increased and the high range has improved. Further customization is also possible based on this curve.
“FoKus H-ANC” demonstrates its ability on the iPhone. “FoKus PRO” supports aptX Adaptive and aims for high sound quality
I listened and compared “FoKus H-ANC” and “FoKus PRO” to know the difference in sound quality. “FoKus PRO” is the first model of the FoKus series born from the idea of ​​making custom ear monitors wireless. It is a hybrid type that uses two BA drivers for the mid-high range and a dynamic driver of φ8.2mm, and supports wireless high-quality sound codec aptX Adaptive (upper limit 48kHz / 24bit).
When played back on a DAP that supports aptX HD, “FoKus PRO” has plenty of bass and rich sound, and the tone is warm and the female vocal sounds smooth. Kenshi Yonezu’s “Denkan” has a large number of sounds and an excellent sound field, but it was played with a little too much bass. On the other hand, “FoKus H-ANC” has a good band balance, and I don’t think it’s the same equalizing curve. Since the compatible codecs are limited to SBC and AAC, the sound detail and amount of information were not as good as “FoKus PRO”, but when listening on an iPhone that supports AAC, the position is reversed, “FoKus H-ANC” The good balance of the sound is outstanding, and the sound is smooth, and the high frequencies are clear. “FoKus PRO” clearly has too much bass, and the bass comes out in lumps. Of course, you can use equalizing to drive it in, but I want to enjoy “FoKus PRO” with an aptX compatible device.

“FoKus H-ANC” is compatible with smartphones, and considering that ANC can be used and waterproof performance is IPX5, it can be said that it is suitable for commuting, attending school, and working out. However, “FoKus PRO” has better Bluetooth connectivity, and “FoKus H-ANC” has unstable operation such as one sound being cut off depending on the environment. There is also compatibility with smartphones, so I would like you to try it out with the actual device.

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