I can’t believe it’s “hollow”! “ONOFF FORGED IRON KURO” is especially recommended for competitive players!

I’m Og. This time, we will deliver the test hit report of the glove ride “Onoff his Forged Iron KURO”.
KURO has the kindness that athletes want
“ONOFF” is a general golf brand of GLOBE RIDE, which develops the global fishing gear brand “DAIWA”. It is popular with men and women of all ages due to its high-performance clubs that make abundant use of carbon technology cultivated through fishing rods, and the unique world view that is composed of the entire brand.

One of the characteristics of ONOFF is that they place great importance on the worldview of the brand, and not only the design of the clubs, but also the golf equipment such as caddy bags, pouches, Boston bags, etc. are very elaborately made. There are even people who fall in love with the design and become Onoff fans.

One of ONOFF’s characteristics is that we can design and manufacture carbon shafts in-house, making full use of the carbon processing technology that we have cultivated through the development of fishing rods. Because we are able to refine the match with the head in-house, we have produced many clubs with a high degree of perfection and good balance.

There are mainly two series that Onoff develops. “AKA” is packed with functions that make golfers enjoy playing, and “KURO”, which is packed with the kindness demanded by athlete golfers.

This time, we would like to introduce the “KURO” series of irons. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they embody the kindness that athletes and advanced users want. Let’s take a look.
The loft setting is 32° at No. 7, which can be said to be standard for recent athlete models. It can be said that it is a model designed with more emphasis on stability than distance.

The shaft lineup includes original designed carbon shafts and steel shafts. In general, irons for athlete models are often made of steel only, but as you would expect from Daiwa, Gloveride has prepared a specially designed carbon shaft. All flexes are S only.
Good feel even though it is hollow!
When you set it up, a straight straight face jumps into your eyes. It’s a unique face that can’t be seen in other manufacturers. It seems that it was developed under the supervision of a contract professional, so the taste of that professional is probably reflected. I personally like her face. With a moderate size, there is no pressure that seems difficult. The borrowed spec is number 7 with Flex S original carbon. When I swung it lightly, I could feel the weight of the head during the swing, as it had a solid core and a supple movement.

When I hit it with a driver at a head speed of about 40m/s, the loft was only 32° and it was easy to get high, and I was able to hit a trajectory with a spin that was typical of No. 7. It’s rude to say that it’s unexpected, but it feels great! I didn’t expect much in terms of hitting feel, partly due to the use of spring steel for the face and the mid-high structure, but I was able to enjoy the feeling of the ball properly landing on the face and the soft feel.

The strength to make a mistake is also considerable. Even if you remove the core to the left and right, it will raise the ball firmly, and there is little distance loss. Even if it is sold as an iron for average golfers, I think that it is a level that is sufficiently evaluated.

This “ONOFF Forged Iron KURO” is equipped with a technology called “Cross Balance Technology” that is not found in other irons. This technology is also used in the ONOFF DRIVER KURO. Detachable weights are mounted on the head and grip. You can adjust the swing comfort. As a club fitter, this kind of technology is very welcome. Because you can make adjustments that are more tailored to your individual swing.
The higher the head speed, the better the performance.
As I increased the head speed, the atmosphere changed a little. The higher the club head speed, the easier it is to control the ball. In addition, it is easy to increase the flight distance for the loft. The strength against mistakes does not change, but because it is an athlete model, it is designed to make it easier for people with a slightly higher head speed to demonstrate their performance.

As expected, it does not have the sharp operability and feedback of hitting feel like muscle backs and forged cavities, but it has a solid feel, operability, resistance to mistakes, and flight distance. 
For those who want to leave results in games etc.
Onoff Forged Iron KURO gave me the impression that it is a gentle iron made for golfers who want results. After repeated research so as not to sacrifice the feeling and operability while maintaining the strength against mistakes, the answer that Onoff came up with was “spring steel face + hollow”. It was a finish that exceeded my imagination. The hollow structure makes it easy to create a model that is resistant to mistakes, but there are not many hollow models that feel as good as this.

Rival models are Taylormade “P790” and Mizuno “Mizuno Pro 223”. The same hollow model as the Forged Iron KURO in the Mizuno Pro series is “225”, but 223 is closer in terms of performance. I want to leave the results in the game and more! It is a model that I want people to try by all means.

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