Huawei announces luxury smartwatch “HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro”

On July 26, 2022, Huawei announced the latest model of its high-end smartwatch, the “HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro.” The lineup includes a 46mm model with a titanium body and a leather belt, and a 43mm model with a ceramic belt for an elegant atmosphere. In addition, the completely wireless earphones “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” and “HUAWEI FreeBuds SE”, and the tablet “HUAWEI MatePad” were also announced. Let’s explain each feature.
Smart watch “HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro”
“HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro” has two models of 46mm and 43mm in the lineup, and the functions are almost the same. It covers all the features that high-end models should have, such as real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, menstruation management, and breathing exercises.

Health management such as “dual band GPS” positioning system by 5 satellites, more than 100 types of workout modes, running plan and exercise guidance by AI, “bad weather alert” and “route back function” convenient for mountain climbing and trail running The functions that support exercise are abundant only in high-end models.

The difference between the two models is not only the size of the case, but also the design. The 46mm model uses sapphire glass in a lightweight titanium body for beauty and durability. In addition to the “business model” used for leather belts, the “active model” that uses a fluoroelastomer band that can be used in sports scenes is also available.
On the other hand, the 43mm model is different from the 46mm model in that the theme is “fusion of art and technology”. It features a design that is conscious of Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. The wavy design of the case has an artistry not found in other smartwatches. The surface of the case is polished with diamonds to give it a smooth texture. In addition to the “elegant model” with a nanoceramic band, there are also two “classic models” with a leather belt.
Other features include an organic EL display, Bluetooth calling, Qi standard wireless charging support, and a long battery (46mm for 14 days, 43mm for 7 days, all of which are normally used). Other than the battery capacity due to the difference in size, the functional aspects are common to both models.

The estimated market price is 43,780 yen for the 46mm “active model” (tax included, same below), 47,080 yen for the “classic model”, 54,780 yen for the 43mm “classic model”, and 76,780 yen for the “elegant model”.
Complete wireless earphones “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” “HUAWEI FreeBuds SE”
Regarding audio products, the high-end model completely wireless earphone “HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” and the low-priced model “HUAWEI FreeBuds SE” were announced.

“HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2” is the highest series among Huawei’s completely wireless earphones, and Huawei’s technology is used in the parts evaluated by earphones such as high sound quality, latest audio technology, and comfortable wearing feeling. It is a model that was introduced without.

It is said that a clear and powerful deep bass was reproduced by a dynamic driver equipped with a wide playback frequency ranging from 14 to 48 kHz, four magnets, and a driver that adopted a flat diaphragm.

Bluetooth codec supports LDAC. Powerful active noise canceling using 3 microphones, multi-point connection support, 4 hours continuous playback time when ANC is on (18 hours including charging case), etc., please play an active part from music playback to web conferencing applications that’s right.
Three types of color variations are available: ceramic white, silver frost, and silver blue. The estimated market price is 26,800 yen.
On the other hand, “HUAWEI FreeBuds SE” is a completely wireless earphone equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver. It has a semi-open canal design and weighs only 5.1g per ear, making it light and comfortable to wear.

The main functions are call noise reduction with two microphones, automatic wearing detection, Bluetooth 5.2 support, 6 hours with earphones alone, 24 hours with charging case, etc. It is positioned as a cheap earphone that can be easily used from music playback to web conferencing.
Two types of color variations, blue and white, are available. The estimated market price is 4,980 yen.
Tablet “HUAWEI MatePad”
“HUAWEI MatePad” is a tablet equipped with a 10.4 inch 2K (2000 x 1200) display. The basic specifications of the display are an aspect ratio of 16: 9.6, a maximum brightness of 470 nits, and a contrast ratio of 1300: 1. The display performance is sufficient for entertainment applications such as watching videos.

It is equipped with four speakers, and Huawei’s commitment is packed into the audio performance, such as being tuned by Harman Kardon. It weighs 450g and is 7.35mm thick. The battery capacity is 7250mAh and the continuous playback of the video is 12 hours.

The basic spec is that the CPU is equipped with “HUAWEI Kirin 710A”. The memory is 4GB and the storage capacity is 128GB. The OS is equipped with Huawei’s original OS “Harmony OS 2”. Up to 4 apps can be displayed. However, it should be noted that since the OS is not Android, it is not possible to use the same apps as Android-equipped devices such as genuine Google apps.

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