Honda’s new “Civic Type R” increases horsepower to 330PS! ? The price is about 4.99 million yen, and the price increase is suppressed

Since the first model appeared in 1997, Honda’s representative FF sports car “Civic Type R” has continued to evolve for about 25 years. The base model “Civic” has undergone a full model change ahead of 2021, but the new model of the Civic Type R will finally be released in September 2022.

In this article, in addition to the overview of the new Civic Type R, which was unveiled to the world on July 28, 2022, information such as the rough price and maximum output was also found, albeit slightly, through interviews with its own dealers. So I would like to share that with you.
First, the exterior design of the new Civic Type R is characterized by an integrated wide fender based on the new Civic.
In addition, there is an aluminum front hood and front fender duct in the front, a side sill spoiler on the side, and a rear spoiler, a triple exhaust system, and a rear diffuser on the rear.
The tires are 19-inch (265/30ZR19) “Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S” mounted on aluminum wheels with a reverse rim structure. The brakes are made by Brembo and equipped with aluminum opposed 4-pot calipers on the front. The powerful braking system can be seen well through the gaps between the aluminum wheels, giving a glimpse of its high running performance.

The interior is unique with the red bucket seats on the front. The red used in the front seats of the new model is slightly different from that of the previous generation, and it has been changed to a red color that enhances the feeling of exhilaration. It says.
The rear seat is equipped with a cup holder in the center of the seat and can be used for two people. The passenger capacity is 4 people. The seat upholstery is suede-like to prevent slipping, and consideration has been given to stabilizing the seating posture of the rear seat occupants.
As for the instrument panel, the basic shape is the same as the base model, but the combination of red and black is sporty. In addition, the meter is equipped with a 10.2-inch digital graphic designed exclusively for the new Civic Type R. The speedometer has a scale of 320km/h, and the needle on the meter seems to be designed with the traditional yellow pointer of the Type R. In addition, the aluminum center console, which is equipped with a 6-speed MT lever, has a high texture.

The engine is the same 2L in-line 4-cylinder turbo as the previous generation, but the dealer says, “The new Civic Type R engine is tuned to have a maximum output of 330PS and a maximum torque of 420Nm (42.8kg-m).” Compared to a standard 2L engine that does not have a turbo, it generates about twice the power performance.

By the way, the power performance of the previous generation is 320PS, 400Nm (40.8kg-m), so the new model is even more powerful. In particular, the improvement in maximum torque increases the driving force in the practical rotation range, which leads to more room for daily driving. The maximum torque is the highest value for a 2L engine. In addition, the new model has many fine improvements in terms of power performance, such as making the flywheel lighter to make it feel lighter and improving the 6-speed MT.
In addition, the full model change has improved the performance of the body and suspension. The predecessor had excellent running stability, but the new model has 15% more torsional rigidity on the rear side. In addition, the weight has been reduced, and the weight of the rear gate has been reduced by about 20% by changing from steel to resin.

The suspension also optimizes the rigidity of each part, and the aluminum wheels are also given moderate flexibility by controlling the rigidity. These tunings improve the tire’s road contact and ride comfort.
+R mode has been added to the drive mode switch that adjusts the engine, suspension, power steering, etc. according to the driving conditions. In this mode, the damping force of the shock absorber is set to the highest level, making the engine more responsive to accelerator operation.

When asked about the price of the new Civic Type R, the dealer said, “It will be a little over 4.99 million yen.” The price of the predecessor model was 4,752,000 yen, so it is a price increase of about 240,000 yen. Although the price of raw materials and transportation costs have soared in recent years, the price of the vehicle has evolved, so it seems that the price is reasonable compared to the predecessor.

However, the first model Civic Type R released in 1997 was equipped with a 1.6L in-line 4-cylinder VTEC engine and was priced at 1,998,000 yen. The treatment of consumption tax is different, but if you look only at the amount, it is about 40% of the current model. The second-generation model, which appeared in 2001, expanded the engine to 2L and raised the price to 2,200,000 yen.

So far, it is less than 3 million yen, but the 4th generation model that appeared in 2015 has a turbo attached to the 2L engine and raised the price to 4,280,000 yen. After that, the predecessor of the 5th generation model was 4,500,360 yen at the time of release, and the above-mentioned 4,752,000 yen at the end of production. In other words, the Civic Type R has risen significantly in price from the turbo-equipped fourth-generation model. The safety equipment is also substantial, and the increase in the price of the car is not limited to the Civic Type R, but it seems that the ease of familiarity is fading every time the full model change is made. In addition, it is becoming difficult to get the real thrill of using up all the power. In that sense, if we develop a “Fit Type R,” for example, it may be close to the first Civic Type R equipped with a 1.6L engine.

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