High cospa and outstanding wearing comfort. “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” thorough review

Xiaomi’s latest smart watch “Xiaomi Smart Band 7”, which is equipped with a full range of functions as a smart watch, but also has the unique feature of a band type that does not interfere with sleep. The suggested retail price is 6,990 yen (tax included), which is also a bargain for a smartwatch. We will explain the power and comfort of this “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” in a thorough review. We will also introduce the differences from the entry model “HUAWEI Band 7”, which was released at the same time.
Larger 1.62-inch organic EL (AMOLED) display
When I tested the conventional model “Mi Smart Band 6”, I was surprised at the number of functions installed in addition to the comfort of wearing it, but the latest model “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” has In addition to basic health management, exercise tracking and other functions, the following new functions have been added.
・Analysis of training effects of aerobic and anaerobic exercise ・
Measurement of Vo2Max (maximum oxygen uptake)

As you can see from these, it is now possible to obtain more advanced information in sports scenes and health management scenes. We’ll cover these parts in more detail later.
Now, as with the conventional model, what stands out is how comfortable it is to wear. The monitor size has been increased from 1.56 inches to 1.62 inches, improving the visibility that previous models were not good at. Despite the increase in screen size, the thickness remains almost unchanged. The weight is a little less than 1g, but the difference was at a level that I didn’t care about. The maximum brightness of the screen has been increased from 450nit to 500nit, which also improves visibility outdoors in fine weather.

Notification functions such as incoming calls and emails, pedometer and calorie consumption measurement, health-related functions such as real-time heart rate measurement and blood oxygen concentration measurement, fitness functions such as sports tracking, sleep tracking, weather confirmation, etc. It is very excellent as a smart watch that cuts 10,000 yen. My favorite feature that I use is the weather forecast feature. In addition to being able to register up to 5 locations, it was the most used function other than fitness related, such as being able to display the weekly weather.

However, I would like to note that it does not have GPS and does not support payment functions on the main unit. Location information is obtained using the GPS of the linked smartphone. Before purchasing, you should know that you need to carry your smartphone with you when measuring your running. Also, since it does not support payment functions, it cannot be used for payments at convenience stores or when using trains.

Battery life is up to 14 days. Of course, the 14-day drive, which has become commonplace in smartwatches of this class, is clear. If you turn on various measurement functions such as real-time heart rate measurement, the drive time will of course decrease significantly, but even so, it will decrease by about 6% after a full day of use. It’s a model that you don’t have to worry about charging too much.
The main body has a simple design with no buttons. There is no useless thing and it is refreshing on the whole. All operations are performed using the touch panel. The response of the touch operation is excellent, and there is no stress regarding the operation. When “Sports Mode” is activated, the screen is automatically locked to prevent malfunction due to water droplets on the screen.

One of my favorite features is the PAI, which is automatically measured when you wear the device. This is a health evaluation system in which points are added for various daily activities such as walking and running. It is said that the risk of lifestyle-related diseases can be reduced if the total points are maintained at “100” or more in 7 days. Points will be added little by little even if you stand or walk while working, so you will feel like playing a game and actively moving your body. It also measures automatically even if you leave it on, so it’s easy to incorporate it into your habits. It feels like it can be used for daily health care.

Tested 110 sports modes
Let’s explain one of the features of the latest model “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” in the series, the fitness function. “Sports mode” that measures data of various exercises supports more than 110 kinds of sports. Among them, I tried “outdoor running”. For specific sports such as “outdoor running”, it is possible to acquire data specific to that sport.

As explained earlier, this model does not have GPS, so it is not possible to measure the pace, speed, distance traveled, etc. with just this smartwatch. It is necessary to carry a smartphone linked to the “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” main unit together. In my case, I carry my smartphone even while running, so there is no particular problem. Regarding GPS, it depends on the smartphone you carry, but as far as I tried it this time, I had the impression that there was no problem with accuracy such as pace and distance traveled.
Although GPS is not installed, “Xiaomi Smart Band 7” realized a price of 6,990 yen while installing many functions in the health management and fitness part. I think that there is something very high in terms of cost performance. The previous model was a smartwatch that could be used just fine, but the latest version has been updated as well. Experience the comfort of wearing it without feeling discomfort even in the summer when it is easy to sweat!

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