Grind your shoulders while warming them like moxibustion! Atex “Guri Guri Onkyu” feels better than you can imagine

You often see people in the office using an arch-shaped acupressure device to relieve stiffness in their shoulders. Various manufacturers sell shoulder stiffness relief products, but the Atex “Monorurudo Guri Guri Onkyu AX-HPL106” (hereafter referred to as Guri Guri Onkyu), which we will introduce this time, is characterized by the fact that you can heat it while you guri guri. I tried to see if the comfort of use changes due to the hot moxibustion effect.
“Guri Guri” equipped with a function to warm like moxibustion
Atex has been selling the arch-shaped acupressure device “Guri Guri” since 1965, and according to the company’s research, no such product was on the market at the time. The pioneer of this item, which is not uncommon now, may have been Atex. The Guri Guri Onkyu introduced this time is equipped with a heater and adds a moxibustion function to such “Guriguri”. Combining heat with physical stimulation relieves muscle fatigue and relieves stiffness. Two temperatures are available: 40°C mode and 55°C mode. Since the hot moxibustion function can be switched on / off, it can be used in the same way as normal “Guri Guri”.
Let’s use “Guri Guri Onkyu”
Regular gri gri can be expected to have effects such as fatigue recovery, blood circulation promotion, muscle fatigue and stiffness relief, and neuralgia and muscle pain relief by giving physical stimulation. On the other hand, Griguri Onkyu, which is equipped with a hot moxibustion function, can be expected to relieve neuralgia and muscle pain, and activate gastrointestinal function in addition to the effects of regular Guri Guri. You may not be able to feel the effects of onkyu without using it for a long time, but anyway, I tried using guriguri onkyu.
The “40°C mode” provides a comfortable warmth even when applied to bare skin, but the “55°C mode” felt quite hot when the moxibustion part touched the skin a little. Direct application to the skin is not prohibited, but the sensation of heat stimulation varies from person to person. It is warm even over clothes that are somewhat thick, so if you are sensitive to heat stimulation, it may be better to apply the moxibustion part over your clothes. However, you can hardly feel the warmth even in “55°C mode” through the thick knit material. You may have to adjust the temperature and clothing combination a bit, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Even if the temperature is as low as 40-60°C, there is a risk of low-temperature burns if you touch the same place for a long time. There are no subjective symptoms such as heat or pain, so be careful. According to the instruction manual, one usage time is within 15 minutes, and one usage is within 2 times. There is also a function to automatically stop the moxibustion function 15 minutes after turning it on, but even when using it as a normal “guriguri”, excessive stimulation may have the opposite effect, so use it for a long time. refrain from

Also, the ease of approaching the affected area is excellent. Since I had never used the regular “Guri Guri”, it was sometimes difficult to apply the hot moxibustion part to the affected area at first, but it is easy once you get used to it. I was able to reach even hard-to-reach places.

This time, I felt that the function of warming the local area like moxibustion using Guri Guri Onkyu was effective. Moxibustion is a treatment that stimulates and activates the blood vessels, muscles, and lymph nodes under the skin by applying heat to acupuncture points. Guri Guri Onkyu uses physical stimulation and thermal stimulation at the same time to provide double comfort that cannot be obtained with regular “Guri Guri” or other products that relieve shoulder stiffness. For that reason, the price is higher than the usual “Guri Guri”. When comparing the prices on the manufacturer’s official online shop, the regular “Guri Guri (ATX-2030BK)” was 1,780 yen (tax included), and the “Guri Guri Onkyu” was 6,600 yen (tax included). It’s about 5,000 yen more expensive, but the feeling of being gradually warmed from the inside of the body, which is obtained from the moxibustion effect, is a big attraction. Unlike moxibustion that uses fire, there is no odor or smoke, so you can use it anywhere. It might be better to choose the untangling Guri Guri hot moxibustion!?

By the way, is it necessary to have a function to warm in the summer, regardless of the winter? You may think that, but when you actually use it, the warmth remains gradually even after you take off the Guri Guri Onkyu. did. This is also an ant in hot weather!

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