Great success at Comiket! 3 competent tools that make shopping around events surprisingly easy

In this series, Taku Kidate, a stationery writer, desperately presents useful stationery remotely to Shieru, who is in charge of editing Magazine. If you find any of the introduced products that you think you want, you can actually buy it! …… It is a self-buying plan.

In the 15th edition, three products will be presented under the theme of “Useful Tools for Covering Exhibitions”!
The coverage of the exhibition has increased!
Kidate: Corona has become the 7th wave, and it’s hard again, but recently, manufacturers’ exhibitions and product launches have revived.

Yes. For a while, it was all about remote presentations, but I feel like the real world is back.

Because of that, I’ve been getting more and more opportunities to do interviews here and there, but Shieru, do you often go for interviews like that?

Shieru I don’t go there often.

Kidate Well, I have the image that the editor of “ Magazine” is doing that kind of interview.

Shieru No, I’m a hikikomori. Is there a lot of Mr. Kidate?

It’s a lot. Especially from summer to early autumn, there are a lot of exhibitions in the stationery industry. So, at this timing, I think I should reconsider the tools for interviews once again. At an exhibition, taking notes while taking pictures, handing out business cards and receiving materials at the same time…it’s like, basically, two hands aren’t enough.

Shieru It looks like it’s going to be up-up. I feel like I’m in trouble if I don’t have four hands.

Kidate: Let’s come up with an interview tool to prevent that from happening. There are many people who go to see exhibitions for work, not just writers and editors. So this time, I would like to recommend it to those people.

All in one! very handy clipboard
Kidate: The first one is the clipboard.

Shieru Clipboard is that, isn’t it? Something to put paper on a board and put it in between.

Kidate Roughly speaking, yes. It’s a must-have for writing outdoors and in situations where there’s no desk, but with a normal clipboard, as I said earlier, it’s easy to fall into a situation where two hands aren’t enough. When you have a board and a pen in each hand, if you say, “Yes, here are the materials, please,” you’re out.

Shieru It’s true, it’s certainly not enough hands.
Kidate In such cases, King Jim’s “All-In-Clipboard with Cover” comes to the rescue.

Shieru: When you say all-in, you mean like all-in-one cosmetics? all inclusive.

Kidate yes. It’s usually folded in half, and when you open it up, the right side is a clipboard. This is a very ordinary type that clamps the top of the document with a spring clip and fixes it.
Shieru It’s fairly normal. There seems to be no problem using it, but the point is the left side that you can see from a while ago. In the atmosphere that seems to be various things.

Kidate Yes, it’s on the left side of the spread… in other words, the cover side, but it has a clear holder where you can quickly insert documents, so you can put the documents you received in here first. Also, since it comes with a business card holder for exchanging business cards, there is no need to remove the business card holder from your bag.

Shieru Ah, I’ve had enough hands. Isn’t this a handy guy?
Kidate: No, it’s still from here. There is also a clear pocket for 5 pages. If you put a map of the venue that you printed out in advance, as well as the schedule of lectures and events, you can flip through it and browse.

It’s amazing, it’s exhausting.

Also, there is a zipper pocket like a zip lock, so it’s good to put papers that you don’t want to drop, such as receipts with expense reports.

Shieru Isn’t there a lot of things to do? This is completely all-in.

Let me say one more thing! The back side of the clipboard is also useful. Look, it’s a rubber mesh pocket, right? It can hold thick objects, so it’s easy to carry around with a smartphone or a voice recorder for interviews.
Yes, this is interesting. I often go to Comiket and other doujinshi sales events, but I often wander around with a marked map at the booth I’m looking for, and sometimes I don’t have enough hands to exchange coins. Isn’t it likely to come in handy for such an event?

Kidate: That’s right, can it be used for such event patrols instead of interviews?

If you want to write while standing, the “pressurized ballpoint pen” is a must
Kidate: A ballpoint pen is absolutely necessary when using a clipboard, but in reality, clipboards and ballpoint pens are incompatible.

Yes, why? I usually write with a ballpoint pen. what’s wrong

Kidate: Ballpoint pens have a mechanism that uses gravity to send the ink inside to the tip of the pen. That’s why basically the tip of the pen must be facing downwards .

Shieru Is that so!?

Also, if the nib is tilted more than horizontal to the ground, there will be a gap between the nib and the ball inside, and air will enter through that gap. If that happens, the ink will not come out, and depending on the case, you may not be able to write again.

I didn’t know. Then clipboards are absolutely useless, aren’t they? Be careful.

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