For those who aim for “more than a full marathon”! Take a look at the driving force of TNF “Ultra Forward”

This series, “That’s why The North Face is chosen!” Is a project to examine the reason why The North Face, which is currently in the best sales, is chosen by users. The 37th time, we picked up “Ultra Forward”.

This model is a shoe developed to achieve good results in road races and ultramarathons that run more than a full marathon, including 100km races. In addition to the integrally molded midsole and outsole, Vibram’s “morflex HAE rubber outsole” with improved lightness and wear durability is installed, and specifications for efficient long-distance running are gathered. Has been done.

Among The North Face’s footwear, the previously introduced ” Vective Collection ” has succeeded in significantly increasing its share in the trail running and hiking categories. Following the hit of these outdoor field shoes, the category of on-road running is expected.

Several shoes in this category have been released, including the “Pinnacle Runner II”, but the “Ultra Forward” introduced this time was developed to achieve good results in ultramarathons such as 100km races. It’s a model. Let’s explain each part.

First of all, the upper uses an engineered mesh that pursues a high level of fit and breathability.
The sole unit is a one-piece molding of the midsole and outsole, and uses Vibram’s “morflex HAE rubber outsole” that has both light weight and wear durability at a high level. In addition, the outsole has a larger area than that of general running shoes, and has succeeded in improving landing stability.
Furthermore, when viewed from the side, it forms an arc-like shape, providing natural propulsion forward like the movement of a rocking chair from landing to kicking.
[Actual run! ] High propulsion that can be put in five fingers with running shoes that I recently wore
First of all, when you pick up the “Ultra Forward”, it feels clearly lighter than you can imagine from its silhouette. 260g when weighed on a digital scale. It can be said that it is a lightweight category for running shoes of the same type.

When I pressed the sole unit with my finger, I felt the hardness of the material, and even if I pressed it with my finger, it hardly deformed.

Next, when I put my foot in, it had a rather tight fitting, the foot length was not so long, and the toe was thrown away a little. In the standing state, there was almost no feeling that the sole unit was crushed, and the arc-shaped shape of the sole unit made me feel that it would naturally roll forward.

When you actually start running, the series of movements from landing to kicking is smooth. The flat outsole pattern has less resistance to rolling and allows you to increase your pace without difficulty. I felt that the landing stability was also high because it adopted a wide sole unit.

I started running at a pace of 5 minutes 50 seconds / km and finally accelerated to 4 minutes 40 seconds / km, but with the running shoes I recently wore, I was able to experience the high propulsion power that I could put in my five fingers.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the sole unit is quite stiff as mentioned above, so runners who are accustomed to running shoes with high impact absorption will be concerned about the load on the legs, especially the joints. I wasn’t particularly worried because my legs are tough and there are few breakdowns, but it may not be suitable for beginner runners or runners who tend to break down.
[Summary] Recommended for intermediate runners who want to run more than a full marathon!
As mentioned above, “Ultra Forward” is only a shoe developed to achieve good results in the ultramarathon, and it provides the wearer with a high level of driving performance including its excellent propulsion power.

On the other hand, a certain amount of leg strength is indispensable in order to wear a hard sole unit. The leg strength here includes not only “whether you can run fast?” But also “whether your legs are strong?“.
This shoe is the best match for senior runners who are the development targets of the brand, “I want to set more records in the ultramarathon” and “I want to reach the top in major ultramarathon competitions”, but personally. We recommend intermediate level runners who have never run more than a full marathon (42.195km) but want to run someday. I think that the high propulsive force of these shoes that rolls naturally is extremely effective, especially in the latter half of the race.

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