First experience with an electric pressure cooker. I thoroughly tried the fashionable “Re・De Pot”!

From this year, I will be in charge of the home appliance genre, and the author is currently studying various products. This time, I decided to try various home cooking using the electric pressure cooker “Re・De Pot” in the editorial department. I’ve always wondered about the ease with which electric pressure cookers can be used to make stewed dishes in a short amount of time, as well as the ease of making everything up to you, but this is the first time I’ve actually used it. I will report the experience of the first electric pressure cooker in my life.
Pay attention to the sophisticated design that shines just by placing it in the kitchen!
The cooking modes installed in Re · De Pot are “pressure cooking” that cooks at a high temperature of over 100 ° C by applying a maximum of 1.8 atmospheres (83 kPa), “slow cooking” that heats at a constant temperature, 3 types of “warm cooking” that can be reheated. Although it does not support stir-frying or fermentation cooking, it can be used for anhydrous cooking and low-temperature cooking, so it can be said that it has average specifications for an electric pressure cooker. And Re・De Pot has a wonderful design. Five colors are available for the main body, and each color has an elegant finish with a matte taste. It is a beautiful kitchen appliance that is pleasing to the eye, with sophisticated details such as handles and operation buttons.
To test the power of pressure cooking, first try the standard boiled dish!
Speaking of electric pressure cookers, pressure cooking! So, I challenged simmered cooking. Re・De Pot’s pressure cooking has eight “auto modes” and a “manual mode” that allows you to set the pressurization time from 1 minute to 1 hour. I will make braised pork in the auto mode that can be done.
Other rice in 25 minutes! I tried to cook delicious white rice
According to the magazine editorial department staff, a home appliance writer told us that the rice cooked in Re・De Pot is very delicious. A typical pressure IH rice cooker cooks rice at a maximum pressure of 1.2 atm (boiling point around 105°C), but Re-De Pot cooks rice at a maximum of 1.8 atm (boiling point around 118°C) at once. Therefore, it can be cooked in just 25 minutes. The writer usually cooks rice in a pressure IH rice cooker for about 40 to 50 minutes. I can’t wait to see how delicious it can be cooked in just 25 minutes!
Introducing other impressive menus that I’m glad I made!
I’ve enjoyed using the Re-De Pot because I was able to make my first braised pork belly and the rice was delicious as rumored. He has been using it for about 2 months and tried various dishes.

▼Anhydrous Curry (Pressure Cooking/Auto Mode)
Among the dishes that can be made in auto mode, the anhydrous curry was particularly interesting. An electric pressure cooker that can cook without water is not uncommon, but I was worried when I heard that a home appliance writer who made anhydrous curry with another company’s electric pressure cooker and magazine editorial department staff said it was delicious. So I tried to make it, but it was a delicious taste that I was addicted to.
Curry is very delicious, but I want rice… However, you can’t make anhydrous curry and rice at the same time with Re・De Pot. It’s natural that you can’t cook at the same time, but if you’re lucky, you’ll want to enjoy both warm and warm. In such a case, you can reheat the rice that was previously cooked and frozen in the microwave!
▼ Boiled sweet potato (pressure cooking/manual mode/reservation)
I found a super easy recipe called “Fukashiimo” that only uses sweet potatoes and water, so I gave it a try and it turned out to be super delicious! In fact, Re・De Pot comes with a “steaming table”, so you can easily make steamed food. It’s a menu that can only be made in manual mode, but it’s not difficult because you just set the time according to the recipe. This fukashiimo was so delicious that I made it many times, even using the reservation function.
By the way, Re・De Pot does not have a function to heat and control the temperature so that the ingredients are not damaged during reserved cooking. The instruction manual also states that raw foods such as meat, seafood, eggs, and milk should not be cooked in advance. In addition, the reservation function can only be used in the auto mode “cooking rice” and the manual mode (pressure cooking).

▼ Roast beef (slow cooking)
The last thing I would like to introduce is slow cooking. Slow cooking is a mode that heats at a constant temperature, the cooking temperature can be set in the range of 40 to 100 degrees Celsius in increments of 10 degrees Celsius, and the timer (heating time) can be set in the range of 5 minutes to 12 hours. Can be set in 30 minute increments from 1 to 12 hours. It can be heated while maintaining a low temperature, so it can be used for popular low temperature cooking. So, what I made and liked was the “non-roasted beef” published on the manufacturer’s official website. In the case of general roast beef, the surface of the meat is grilled in a frying pan, then wrapped in aluminum foil and preheated to finish.

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