Firmly guard the summer sunshine! 14 Golf Caps & Visors & Bucket Hats << Summer 2022 >>

One thing to watch out for in summer golf is heat stroke! It is said that there are three conditions that cause heat stroke: “environment,” “body,” and “behavior.” In an “environment” where the temperature is high and the sunlight is strong, the “behavior” of being outdoors for a long time in a state where the “body” such as a hangover or lack of sleep is not good increases the possibility of causing heat stroke. And.

Golf, in particular, is a sport in which these three conditions tend to overlap. In order to reduce the risk of heat stroke, let’s enjoy golf by making good use of caps in the coming season.
[1] J.Lindeberg
“Bridge Monogram Cap (Men’s)”
“Bucket Hat (Men’s)”
Luxury monogram pattern cap & mesh processing hat
The “Bridge Monogram Cap” is a lightweight, soft and stretchy cap with this season’s graphics printed on the entire surface. Comes with an adjustable size adjuster buckle.

We are also developing a “bucket hat” (073-56303) that has the details and elasticity of a mesh that is different from the cap.
“Sheer Soccer Spray Die Cap (Unisex)”
“Three Stripe Life Cotton Visor (Men’s)”
“Versatile Cotton Hat (Men’s)”
Cap & visor & cotton hat that spreads sweat quickly
The refreshing golf cap of Shear Soccer comes with a hook-and-loop fastener back strap that allows you to adjust the fit. The curved brim protects your eyes from the strong sunlight.

The “Cotton Visor” (HA5860) and “Cotton Hat” (H64668) equipped with the “AEROREADY Sweatband” that quickly diffuses sweat like a cap are also available. Supports a wide range of coordination.
[3] New Balance Golf
“Logo Typography Flat Brim Cap (Unisex)”
“Soft Shell Visor (Unisex)”
“Tasser x Mesh Bucket Hat (Unisex)”
Caps, visors, and bucket hats that can be used outside golf
The flat brim cap, which has a strong presence with the logo typography print, uses a comfortable material with good breathability and a closed mesh to pursue a refreshing wearing comfort.

It can be expected to play an active role in lifestyles other than the golf scene, such as the “Soft Shell Visor” (0122187006), which uses a soft shell fabric with a smooth texture, and the “Tasser x Mesh Bucket Hat” (0122187014), which is light and comfortable to wear. The lineup is attractive.
[4] Rosasen
“Looseman Collaboration Eco Punch Cap (Men’s)”
“Imabari Pile Bucket Hat (Men’s)”
Comfortable mesh cap and pile hat
A mesh cap in collaboration with Looseman. The points are the three-dimensional embroidery logo at the center and the appliqué embroidery on the left side. In addition, an American adjuster is used to express a casual feeling.

“Imabari Pile Bucket Hat” (046-56331), which uses a material collaborated with a towel maker certified by Imabari Towel, has a water absorption and quick-drying function, and promises comfortable play.
[5] Viva Heart
“Mesh Pony Tail Cap (Women’s)”
“Cooler Bucket Hat (Women’s)”
Cap & bucket hat that can keep you beautiful even in summer
“Mesh ponytail cap” that creates a sense of sheerness by layering mesh on a stylish material. There is a large hole from a high position, so you can wear it while enjoying your hairstyle.

You can wash your hands with the “cooler bucket hat” (013-56462), which has a sensible temperature of -10 ° C, which is ideal for summer rounds, so you can keep it clean even in summer.

[6] Crank
“Bell Oasis 3 TONE Visor (Men’s)”
“Mesh Cap”
Visor and mesh cap that feels cool
The “Bell Oasis 3 TONE Visor” has an eye-catching color scheme and logo embroidery. Since it uses “Bell Oasis”, which is a highly water-absorbent and highly hygroscopic fiber, you can get a cool feeling by the heat dissipation effect of the heat of vaporization when you wear it with water.

Including the “mesh cap (CL5MVA03)” equipped with “Bell Oasis”, we promise comfortable play even in the sweaty season.
[7] Heel Creek
“Folding Cap (Men’s)”
Surprisingly convenient “cap with glasses holder”
“Folding cap” with water repellent function. Since the bag can be folded, it can be stored compactly in a caddy bag, Boston bag, pants pocket, etc.

With a glasses holder, you don’t have to worry about slipping even if you play with sunglasses on your head.
[8] Fidra
“Bell Oasis Cap (Men’s)”
“Ribbon Visor (Women’s)”
Cap & ribbon visor that can be coordinated
A refreshing cap with a breathable mesh finish. With a simple color and design, you can wear it regardless of coordination. The logo embroidery on the front, back and sides should be an accent to your outfit.

We are also developing the “Ribbon Visor” (FD5MWD12) for ladies, where the mesh ribbon attached to the belt part of the visor creates femininity.
[9] Black & White
“Comfort Stretch Cap (Men’s)”
“Comfort Stretch Visor (Men’s)”
An exhilarating and comfortable cap and visor
The “Comfort Stretch Cap” is a cap that is casually embroidered with a brand using Toray’s functional material “Dot Air”, which has excellent breathability. The point is a refreshing feeling of wearing.

The “Comfort Stretch Visor” (BGS8722WQ) with the same design is also available. It is durable, water repellent, and breathable, and has a UV protection function (UPF + 50) with a UV protection rate of 95% or more, which firmly protects against strong sunlight.

[10] Puma
“Tour Round Cap (Men’s)”
“Tour Round Visor (Men’s)”
Cap and visor with outstanding logo embroidery
The three-dimensional Puma cat on the front and the visor brand logo embroidery attract the eyes of the “Tour Round Cap”. Attention is also paid to the particular details such as the sharp color stitching and the square emblem on the side.

Along with the “Tour Round Visor” (866567), it comes with a velcro adjuster for easy size and fit adjustments.

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