Finally regular! Black joins Technics analog turntable “SL-1200G”

Panasonic has added a new color black (SL-1200G-K) to the analog turntable “SL-1200G” that is being developed in the “Grand Class”, which is the middle class of the Technics brand. It will be released on August 26th. The price is 363,000 yen.
The recent analog record boom has also been a tailwind, and there is an increasing need to enjoy records with even higher sound quality. When purchasing amplifiers and players, there are many requests to match with the same color as other audio equipment used, so let’s rebuild the audio environment while utilizing the old audio equipment that Technics has. The black model is released with the integrated amplifier “SU-R1000” and the turntable “SL-1500C” so that it can be combined with the black coloring that is often used in audio equipment. As for the turntable, the black model “SL-1200GAE-K”, which was released in April 2022 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the “SL-1200” series, is available. It is said that it has gained the support of users who love black color, such as sales exceeding the plan.

Against this background, we have released black as an additional color for the new regular model “SL-1200G”. By developing two colors with silver on sale, it seems that it is possible to select a color that matches the equipment used.
The basic specifications are the same as the silver model on sale, with a coreless direct drive motor that achieves stable rotation and vibration reduction, a tone arm that uses magnesium, and a three-layer structure that achieves high vibration resistance. Uses platters and 4-layer housing. In the black model, the color of the 10mm thick aluminum top panel and magnesium tone arm has been changed to black.

By the way, Technics brand products that adopted black color are analog turntables “SL-1200MK7” “SL-1500C”, integrated amplifiers “SU-R1000” “SU-G700M2”, compact stereo system “SC-C70MK2” this time. It has been expanded to all 6 models including the “SL-1200G”.

Technics brand products with black color

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