final x Tsuburaya Productions have teamed up! The first model ZE3000 “Ultra Guard Model” is released

On July 17, 2022, final held an event to commemorate the release of the ZE3000 “Ultra Guard Model” with the motif of “Ultra Guard”. At the event, the features of the product and the background to the joint development project with Tsuburaya Productions were talked about, and Kaoru Ukawa and Ultra Seven who played Hayakawa Satomi of the Heisei “Ultra Seven” series who served as voice guidance for this product. Also appeared, and a commemorative photo session with users selected by lottery for pre-application was held, and it was a lot of excitement.
The ZE3000 “Ultra Guard Model” released on July 17 as the first model of the joint project between Tsuburaya Productions and final is an original model commemorating the 55th anniversary of “Ultra Seven”. Based on the final complete wireless earphone “ZE3000”, the earphone body, charging case, and package are designed with the image of “Ultra Guard” uniform and helmet, and the guidance voice is the original video Heisei “Ultra Seven” series Hayakawa. It is said that the original voice guidance recorded by Satomi member (act: Kaoru Ukawa) was recorded. It is a limited production model of 3,000 units worldwide and is on sale at the final direct sales site “final official store” and the directly managed store “final STORE”.

By the way, the price is 15,800 yen, which is exactly the same as the base model “ZE3000”. With the price increase of some audio products due to the depreciation of the yen, it is quite amazing to offer a collaboration model with an original design at the same price as the base model, but as a final, the base model If it has the same performance as the above, we would like to offer it at the same price, and we hope that this collaboration model will give us a chance to touch the final product, so we set it at the same price as the base model.
At the event, Mr. Keitaro Mori, a final public relations officer, took the stage. “Final is a manufacturer specializing in earphones and headphones, and is developing products that are particular about sound, such as the flagship model of headphones that cost more than 400,000 yen, but not only high-end products, but also the good sound of the flagship model. We have also developed and released entry-class earphones that can be bought for around 5,000 yen so that more people can listen to them. Half of the more than 40 employees are researchers, and we collaborate with Kyushu University to conduct joint research on sound. The most distinctive feature is that we are conducting research and development in-house, such as by conducting research and development. ” Regarding the joint project with Tsuburaya Productions, “Tsuburaya Productions, which continues to be at the forefront of entertainment, and final, which is pursuing manufacturing with cutting-edge acoustic technology, jointly launched a new project for over a year. We were finally able to release the first product over the years. ”
Next, Mr. Hiroshi Fujita, Senior Project Manager at Tsuburaya Productions, took the stage. “In the Ultraman series, we couldn’t produce proper audio products such as earphones and headphones. If we make it anyway, we would like to collaborate with a manufacturer who has a good sound so that it can be used for a long time.” Has consulted with Tsuburaya Productions in the final, and for collaborative works, candidates such as the first “Ultraman” and “Shin Ultraman” were raised at the time of project launch, but since commercialization will be in 2022. It was said that it was decided to go with “Ultra Seven”, which will celebrate its 55th anniversary in terms of timing.
Mr. Fujita also mentioned the design of the collaboration model. “Tsuburaya Productions is relatively flexible with respect to the design of the collaboration model, and in order to bring out the individuality of the manufacturer, it is often done by the manufacturer first designing and supervising it. This time also final was in charge. However, I was very surprised by the design that came up from the designer. I asked him to give me various things such as those based on Ultraman’s red and those based on mechanics such as pointers and Ultra Hawk that appear in the play, and finally I arrived at this design with a helmet and member’s clothing as a motif. It is a very elaborate product that was created after many discussions to make good things during the emergency declaration, so please pick it up and use it. I want you to have it. “

In the latter half of the event, Kaoru Ukawa, who is in charge of the guidance voice of this product, also appeared. He seems to have been a user of final earphones for a long time, and when he talked about the voice guidance of the collaboration model, he immediately agreed, “Please come here.” Also, in the recording of the guidance, I remembered the feelings that the captain said at the scene at that time and the feelings when I received the dispatch order, and in the booth I actually salute and infuse my emotions while raising my feelings. That’s right, he commented, “I think it was a satisfying finish.” I checked the voice of the recorded words, but it seems that it will be the first time to check the voice recorded in the earphones after the event, and to the users who participated in the event, “Let’s share this joy with everyone” He was talking hotly.

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