Feel free to adjust the swing comfort and trajectory! Trial hitting “ONOFF DRIVER KURO”

I’m Og. This time, we will deliver the test hit report of the glove ride “Onoff his driver KURO”.
Introduced carbon technology of fishing tackle “Daiwa”
“ONOFF” is a comprehensive golf brand of GLOBE RIDE, which develops the global fishing tackle brand “DAIWA”. The brand is popular with men and women of all ages due to its high-performance clubs that make extensive use of carbon technology cultivated through fishing rods, and the unique world view of the entire brand.

There are mainly two series that Onoff develops. The AKA, which is packed with functions for enjoying golfers, and the KURO, which is packed with the kindness that athlete golfers want, is the driver we are introducing this time.

“ONOFF DRIVER KURO” is an ambitious product equipped with a challenging adjustment function as well as flight distance performance.

Let’s take a look!
The head moves but the ball does not bend
When I set the “ONOFF DRIVER KURO” on the ball, it had a slightly triangular feel, but it was easy to set up. I think that there is a preference for the shape, but it is easy to imagine the trajectory. I also like matte paint.

This club is equipped with a technology called “Cross Balance Technology”. The head is equipped with 3 removable weights, and the same weights are also installed at the grip end. It’s made to be.

First, I tried it in the standard state. When I hit it at a head speed of about 40m/s, a liner-like low-spin trajectory came out naturally. The specs I borrowed are 9.5° flex S. It is an impression that it flies forward with the height of the loft. In order to take advantage of the performance of the head, I honestly want a little more head speed. If it is 10.5°, performance will be fully utilized even at about 40m/s.

As for swinging, the head has moderate operability, and I felt that it was very easy to swing for someone like me who has a large head rotation. Contrary to its operability, the trajectory has an impression of high straightness. It doesn’t bend as much as I thought, so I can swing it with confidence, but when I tried to control the ball, I had to change the swing considerably to get the ball to bend.

Golfers who want a trajectory with less curvature will find it easy to swing and resistant to mistakes.
Large adjustment range with weights!
Increasing the head speed to around 43m/s gives a slightly higher trajectory and is even more efficient. I felt that it was a very easy club to swing without changing the high straightness and the operability of the head. Grasp performance is almost neutral. By changing the trajectory adjustment function and weights mounted on the neck, you can adjust the gripping condition, so it can be said that it is easy to tune according to the golfer’s taste.

Next, I changed the weight and hit it. The standard specification is 6g near the heel, 2g behind the sole, and 4g near the toe. By replacing these, the operability of the head during the swing changes, and the grip condition changes. I tried various things, but the one that I personally liked was the standard specification (laughs). In an attempt to suppress left hand mistakes, which I don’t like, I added a heavy weight near the toe. I was.

Next, I tried exchanging the weight attached to the grip. The standard weight is 7g, but when I replaced it with the 4g head and hit it, I could clearly feel the weight of the head, and the swinging feel changed considerably. It seems to be able to adjust for differences in swing tempo. It also has a sleeve with a trajectory adjustment function, so if you have this one screwdriver, you can adjust it to a very fine point according to yourself.
For athletes who don’t like large heads
The “ONOFF DRIVER KURO” is a driver for athletes with a neutral grip, high straightness, and no peculiarities. By incorporating a wide range of adjustment functions, it is an attractive driver that can be fine-tuned to suit individual users. The same manufacturer’s “ONOFF Driver AKA” has a similar adjustment function, but “AKA” is adjusted to reduce mistakes, and “KURO” pursues a more ideal trajectory. I felt the difference that I adjusted to do it. The adjustment method is the same, but it may be due to the difference in the development concept.

Rivals of other companies are Callaway’s “Rogue ST MAX Driver”, Bridgestone’s “B1 Driver”, and Mizuno’s “ST-X220 Driver”. The performance of the head, as well as the ease of swinging, are quite impressive, so it is a model that athletes who are not good at large heads should definitely try.

Photo: Tomoya Nomura

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