Explosive propulsion! Set a self-record with “improved version of the fastest model in ASICS history”

Asics’ fastest racing shoes, the running shoes “METASPEED” for top athletes were announced in March 2021. “Metaspeed Sky” and “Metaspeed Edge” corresponding to stride type and pitch type running methods are lined up, and even in “Hakone Ekiden” held on January 2-3, 2022, more than 20 people Runners wore the series, which greatly contributed to the restoration of ASICS in the racing world.

Such a high-performance series will be remodeled this summer. We verified the performance of “METASPEED SKY +”, which succeeded in greatly improving driving performance.
Lightweight foam “FF BLAST TURBO” increased by 4%!
“METASPEED” released in the spring of 2021 pays attention to the difference between the stride type and the pitch type, as if it adopted the catch phrase “Is there only one way to win?

My personal favorite is “Metaspeed Sky”. I couldn’t wear it in the actual race due to the influence of Korona-ka, but I think that the high propulsion power was at the level of being in the top 3 of the running shoes I have worn so far. For that purpose, the newly developed lightweight foam “FF BLAST TURBO” that demonstrates the best resilience performance among the company’s materials and the built-in midsole stabilize the movement of the foot and efficiently body. A carbon plate that moves the foot forward, and a curve at the front of the sole unit to suppress excessive bending of the ankle, which is said to lead to energy consumption during running, and to allow the foot to move forward with less energy. I think that what I put on made a big contribution.

The basic design of the “Metaspeed Sky +” released this time aims to improve driving performance by adopting feedback from all types of runners while inheriting the “Metaspeed Sky”. The main changes are the 4% increase in the lightweight foam “FF BLAST TURBO” of the midsole, and the carbon plate placed on the upper part of the midsole than the previous work, making the shape flatter than the ground. .. The thickness of the midsole, which is 33 mm for the hind legs and 28 mm for the forefoot, has not been changed.
A lightweight motion wrap upper is used for the upper to pursue the holdability of the midfoot while giving a moderate amount of play to the toes. The shoelace has a new, special jagged shape that is difficult to unravel. In addition, the outsole uses “ASICS GRIP”, which demonstrates excellent grip even in various road surface conditions.
Exciting in a good way! Unusual for ASICS, not an honor student run
The appearance of the new model “Metaspeed Sky +” is clearly larger than that of the previous model “Metaspeed Sky”, and the volumey curve from the midsole midfoot to the forefoot is functionally beautiful. It’s a beauty that can be called, and it’s very impressive. I even felt that it was similar to the fender design of sports cars.

And, despite increasing the volume of the midsole by 4%, the actual weight has increased by only 4g from 185g to 189g. When you take it in your hand, it’s light enough that you can’t imagine it from its appearance, and when you actually put your foot in it, that feeling is further enhanced. It fits nicely and feels lighter than its weight.

When I start running, I personally inherit the most characteristic driving feeling of the previous work, “You can speed up with a swiss without putting too much effort”, but the level is different. The propulsion from landing to kicking is perfectly described as “explosive,” giving the impression that it is as close as possible to some of the rival brands that are among the most propulsive shoes.

The guide effect from landing to kicking due to the built-in carbon plate is also high level, and the pace can be increased reasonably like the previous work, and in a blink of an eye it reached a pace of about 4 minutes 30 seconds / km, but with the previous work If you want to express the difference in one word, this is a wilder driving comfort. Of course, since it is a shoe developed by ASICS, attention to detail can be seen, but in a good way it has a dynamic impression, which is unusual for ASICS shoes, and I thought that it was not an honor student run.

The foot length is a little long, and I thought that I would be worried when I increased the pace, but since the fit from the mouth to the midfoot is good, it does not shift forward and it is within the allowable range. You do not have to be aware of the loss of leg strength. He finished his daily 6km run three times at a faster pace than usual, but I think that even a sub-4 runner like myself could get a glimpse of the power of this shoe.
[Summary] It brings out the potential! In fact, I set my own record for the first time in 4 years !!
As mentioned above, “Metaspeed Sky +” is based on the previous work “Metaspeed Sky”, but the running comfort has been greatly changed, and as mentioned above, it is wild and explosive. Around me, the number of runners who have switched from other brands to “Metaspeed Sky” is increasing, and many of the reasons are that they have excellent propulsion and controllability.

From that point of view, “Metaspeed Sky +” has a glimpse of a “jaja horse” aspect, and I personally think that the previous work “Metaspeed Sky” is easier to control. On the other hand, I felt that “Metaspeed Sky +” would bring out my own potential.

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