Experience -15 ℃! It was comfortable even in the heat of the heat when I wore Sanko’s “explosive cold” goods.

The theme of this series, “Jidara King,” is “How to comfortably dull indoors using convenient tools.” However, as long as I live normally, there are still scenes where I have to go out on a daily basis.
It’s a punishing thing, even if you think in common sense, that the stuffy air of 30 degrees Celsius or higher keeps entering your lungs just by breathing. At this temperature, heat stroke can easily lead to a pinch of life. Without a joke. If you have to go out even if you are prepared for it, you should at least bring a cooler.

The latest neck cooler is explosively cooled with a double cooling plate!
Of course, it doesn’t get cool when you walk with an in
Moreover, the biggest point is that the “Neck Cooler Pro R4” has a double pair (4 sheets) specification, while the general neck cooler has a pair of left and right cooling plates (2 sheets). In the case of two plates, sometimes I want to shift the position of the plates to gain an area to cool, but with four plates, it always cools evenly from the front, back, left and right of the neck.
oor air conditioner on your back. There are two types of wearable coolers that can be worn on the body, the “neck cooler” type that wraps around the neck and the “air-cooled clothes” type that is worn over clothing.

First of all, I would like to introduce Sanko’s “Neck Cooler Pro R4” as a neck cooler.
Thick blood vessels pass through the nape of the neck, so cooling it is effective in lowering body temperature. Therefore, if you put the cooling plate of the Pelche element (semiconductor element that exchanges heat when electricity is passed) on the neck, the sensible temperature will drop sharply … The mechanism of the neck cooler is.

By the way, the Pelche cooling plate drops from the ambient temperature to a temperature of -15 ° C (when the temperature is 30 ° C, the plate is 15 ° C), so anyway, there is no odd feeling.
I, the King of Self-Degradation (Jidara King), is actually a heavy user since around 2014 when the neck cooler of the Pelche element began to appear. Since it is no longer possible to go out without this in the summer, I have changed several cars so far.

Even from that experience, the omnidirectional cooling of this 4-plate is really cold and really cold level. You can feel the cool down at the moment you turn on the switch. It seems that the sound of the heat dissipation fan is a little loud, but it will not bother you if you use it outside.
There are two power sources, one is to attach the dedicated battery to the main body, and the other is to connect it to a general mobile battery with a USB cable.

The advantage of the dedicated battery is that you don’t have to worry about the cable routing, but since the load is applied to the rear part, there is a risk that it will slip out of your neck in some cases. The dedicated battery has a capacity of 5,800mAh and a charging time of about 4 hours.
Ichiou, if you attach a fall prevention strap, you can prevent the neck from coming off, and although it is a toughness specification that has been tested for drop resistance from a height of 170 cm, it is decided that it is better not to fall. Also, the weight makes my neck dull. Even with the hassle of Wired, I personally recommend a mobile battery connection.

Filling your clothes with a cool breeze will make you feel refreshed!
It is good to cool the neck area to lower the body temperature, but if you want to cool your body a little more directly, the air-cooled clothes type may be better. Air-cooled clothes are made by mounting an electric fan on a blouson or vest, sending wind inside, and getting cool from the heat of vaporization. However, basically, the wind with the same temperature as the outside air comes in, so I had the impression that it would not be as effective as I expected in a hot environment.
However, Sanko’s “refrigerated clothes” are equipped with a combination of a fan and a Pelche element cooling plate. This is a mechanism that further enhances the cooling effect compared to conventional air-cooled clothing.

The first thing that stands out is the large fan on the back. Although it is considerably larger than conventional air-cooled clothing, it not only increases the amount of air blown, but also improves quietness.
The large Pelche cooling plate, which hits the center of the back when worn, not only cools the back directly, but also cools the wind sent from the fan. The wind that is colder than the outside temperature comes in, so the feeling of exhilaration is very different! You should be able to feel the difference between a fan that just sends wind and a spot cooler that sends cold wind.
The cold air is made to pass through the vest and out of the armpit mesh and neck. Large blood vessels pass through both the armpits and neck, so cooling them has a great effect on lowering body temperature. In other words, it is a structure that makes the body chill efficiently.
By wearing it, sweat will surely be pulled out, so it is comfortable that your body is not sticky. The skin is always smooth. In the summer, when I return from going out, I sweat so much that I need to take a shower. I usually get sweat like squeezing an undershirt … Even if you sweat, the vest itself can be washed because the ventilation / cooling unit can be removed.

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