Even smaller! Bose “QuietComfort Earbuds II” with improved noise canceling performance will be released on September 29

Bose has finally officially announced the “QuietComfort Earbuds II”, a completely wireless earphone type noise canceling earphone. The domestic release date is September 29, and the price is 36,300 yen. At launch, it will only be available in Triple Black, but it will also be available in Soapstone later this year.
Bose has a reputation for its noise-cancelling function, and the first complete wireless earphones with noise-cancelling function ” QuietComfort Earbuds ” released in 2020 have been highly evaluated by Kakaku.com users. Almost two years later, it is still very popular.

The “QuietComfort Earbuds II” that will be introduced this time has a new design from the popular model “QuietComfort Earbuds”. The earphone itself is about one-third the size of the previous model, and weighs 6g on each side (8.5g on the previous model), making it a fairly compact design.The dedicated charging case has also been changed to store the earphones vertically, realizing a considerable compactness like the earphone itself. Both the earphone and the dedicated charging case are compact, but the earphone itself has a maximum of 6 hours of continuous playback, which is the same as the conventional model, and the dedicated charging case can be charged 3 times (2 times for the conventional model). firmly surpassed.
Also, the compactness of the earphone itself is a concern about the fit, but the attached eartips and stability band called “Bose Fit Kit” firmly follow. In the previous model, the ear tips were integrated with the ear fins, but the “Bose Fit Kit” has become a two-piece system with the ear tips and the stability band, and each can be combined from 3 sizes, making it even more comfortable. It seems that the best fit has come to be obtained.

In addition, the “Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II” have been greatly updated with the newly installed “CustomTune technology” and the sound and noise canceling function unique to Bose. “CustomTune Technology” measures the acoustic response inside the ear in less than 0.5 seconds by playing a unique tone every time the earphone is taken out of the case and attached to the ear. By optimizing the frequency profile according to the characteristics of each user’s ears, it is now possible to directly deliver a lively sound that combines clarity and depth, and the noise reduction signal is adapted to the characteristics of each user’s ears. It seems that the noise canceling performance has been greatly improved by adjusting it together. It also monitors changes in ambient noise, which means that you can always achieve the highest level of noise canceling performance.

In addition, the “CustomTune technology” seems to greatly contribute to the “Aware mode” that captures external sounds and the “ActiveSense” that allows you to enjoy music while capturing the surrounding environmental sounds. can be heard more naturally, and “ActiveSense” automatically optimizes the noise canceling level according to the noise level generated nearby, cancels out the noise while the noise is occurring, and restores the original sound when the noise subsides. It seems that it has returned to the external sound capture state.

The operation of the earphone itself is touch control, and it supports volume control by swiping up and down and music control by tapping. It also supports various customizations using the “Bose Music app” provided for smartphones. The waterproof performance of the earphone body is equivalent to IPX4 compliant. The Bluetooth version is 5.3, and the supported codecs are SBC and AAC.

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