Even if you eat it, it won’t go away! “Far Cry 6” is a super-large lunch box!

Play and relieve stress! Familiar with such exhilarating action with a high degree of freedom, the latest work “Far Cry 6” of Ubisoft’s popular open world FPS “Far Cry” series was released on October 7, 2021. This time, the story of becoming a guerrilla and confronting the dictatorship. The author, who has played all Far Cry titles, will tell you the charm of “Far Cry 6”.

What kind of game is “Far Cry 6”?
“Far Cry 6” is an open world FPS where the main character Danny Rojas creates a guerrilla revolution in the fictional country “Yarra” controlled by a dictator. While President Anton Castillo, who controls Yarra, follows a powerful army, the guerrillas led by the main character confront the enemy forces with wisdom and ingenuity, although they are inferior in weapons and numbers.
The main character, Danny, is a member of the guerrilla force “Libertard”. In addition to Libertad, there are multiple guerrilla forces in Yarra. If you fight with the guerrillas who confront the dictator in the vast Yarra, you will have more friends to help Libertad and support the revolution that is the purpose of the main story.
The “Regular Edition” is 9,240 yen (tax included), the “Gold Edition” is 13,200 yen (tax included), and the “Ultimate Edition” is 15,840 yen (tax included). The differences between the editions are as follows.

・ Normal version: Main game only
・ Gold edition: Main game, season pass (additional content including 3 DLC)
・ Ultimate edition: Main game, season pass, ultimate pack (skin set, etc.)

Anyway, a feeling of volume that is very satisfying in a vast open world
The stage, Yarra, is an island country isolated from the outside and is divided into three areas in total. In the situation where different guerrilla forces are fighting against the dictatorship in each area, the main character is struggling for Yarra in search of friends who will cooperate with the guerrilla forces to which he belongs, Libertad. Anyway, at first I was surprised at the size of the map.
Even if you finish all the missions in one area, there is a feeling of volume of the story and the size of one short game. Since it is up to you to decide where to start, you decided to proceed through trial and error, saying, “There may be advantages and disadvantages depending on the order …”.
There are enemy bases here and there on the map. If you try to go through the “checkpoint” with an automobile vehicle, you will be attacked by a flat tire. Yarra’s land and air movements are under the watchful eye of the enemy, such as the “anti-aircraft base” being bombed and crashed when approached by a flight vehicle.

By attacking the checkpoint, clearing enemies, and destroying the propaganda sign, the checkpoint will be occupied by guerrillas, ally NPCs will be stationed, and fast travel will be possible. No ally will be stationed at the anti-aircraft base, but if you destroy the anti-aircraft missile, the surrounding area will become a safe airspace.

Also, as you progress through the main missions, you will challenge the important bosses who control each area. If you succeed in defeating this boss, you can free the area from the dictatorship and the Yarra revolution will be closer to success.

The level of enemy forces is set on the map, and weak enemies are placed everywhere at the beginning. As the story progresses, the level of enemies rises overall, so the enemies in the area where you first started to capture are weak, and the enemies in the area where you attack later become stronger, which is a well-balanced mechanism. Was there.

I played the PS5 version for about 2 weeks, about 20 hours (main 70%, sub 30%), and it was still 2/3 of the total. Considering the past series, it is one of the most challenging ones. Also, if the map is wide, movement becomes a bottleneck, but in the PS5 version, fast travel is completed immediately with a high-speed SSD, so it is also highly evaluated that you could move around Yarra without stress.

This work is fully equipped! The first DIY weapons “Resolver Weapon” and “Spray Mo” that feel the guerrilla spirit
When fighting against a powerful army, the most important thing is to strengthen the equipment. In “Far Cry 6”, you can set 3 types of main weapons, 1 type of sidearm, and 4 types of gadgets such as Molotov cocktails on the familiar weapon wheel. The number of weapons available is also the highest level in the series, and it is truly green.

What is attracting attention as a new weapon is the guerrilla-like DIY weapon “Resolver Weapon” that aims for a successful revolution with wisdom and ingenuity. There are many things that you do not know what kind of weapon it is even if you read the explanation, and it is interesting that you do not know what kind of effect it will have until you collect scraps and make it.
Armor is divided into 5 parts: head, top, bottom, shoes, and accessories, and you can equip armor with different effects. You can stack the same type of effects in the set, you can choose the effect you need and equip it, and you can choose it by appearance.

In addition, it is stressful that there is only “equipment individually” or “equipment as a set” to change the armor, so I felt that it would be more comfortable if there was a “preset function” to save your favorite combinations.
A backpack-type equipment called “Spraymo” that can activate a unique “Special Move” has also appeared. Once used, it cannot be used until the gauge is charged, but the gauge will recover over time and by defeating enemies.

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