Even beginners can tamping well! Espresso cappuccino maker that you can enjoy the process of brewing coffee

“La Specialista Prestige Espresso Capuccino Maker with Grinder (EC9355J-M)” (hereinafter referred to as “La Specialista Prestige”) that not only allows you to enjoy delicious coffee but also enjoys the process of brewing coffee. Announced by Delonghi. At the recital, I saw this product, which is made by grinding coffee beans and tamping and extracting them by yourself like a barista.
It’s not fully automatic, but it’s fun to brew it, which takes a lot of time and effort.
The La Specialista Prestige is an espresso machine with a grinder function that uses a filter holder to brew coffee. Unlike the fully automatic coffee machine, where you just select a menu and press a button to complete the process from grinding coffee beans to extraction, the process of grinding coffee beans and the process of extracting coffee beans are separated. The filter holder must be manually installed in place prior to the process. In addition, tamping is also manual. Some people may feel uneasy about manually performing tamping, which is said to be difficult, but anyone can easily pressurize it by simply pulling the lever equipped on the main unit. You can achieve the ideal finish. Although manual work is required, the process of grinding coffee beans, putting the coffee powder in a filter holder, and extracting with hot water of the optimum amount and temperature is automatic, and tamping is also supported by the power of the machine. So you don’t have to worry about failure and even beginners can enjoy the process of brewing coffee.
There are tasks such as tamping and mounting the filter holder manually, but once you get used to it, extraction will be completed in a short time without any special consciousness as shown in the video below.
You can also whisk milk. You can also do latte art
In addition to brewing espresso, it also has a “milk flosser” that whisks milk with steam, so you can make milk menus such as fluffy cappuccino and latte. Apart from controlling the temperature of the hot water when extracting coffee, the steam is controlled by a boiler dedicated to the milk flosser, so milk can be whipped at the optimum temperature and steam pressure.

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