Equipped with in-body image stabilization and 1TB SSD! Hasselblad’s 100 million pixel medium format mirrorless “X2D 100C”

On September 7, 2022, Hasselblad announced the new model “X2D 100C” of the medium format mirrorless camera “X series” for professionals. It has undergone major updates in all directions, and has evolved into a medium-format mirrorless camera with high image quality and ease of use that surpasses the “X1D II 50C”.
Renewed to 100 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor
Hasselblad is a Swedish camera manufacturer that specializes in professional systems. Since the development of the company’s first camera in 1941, it has been a pioneer of the 6x6cm medium format single-lens reflex camera and has been supported by photographers around the world for about 80 years. It has established a solid position in the field of digital cameras as well, sticking to medium-format large sensors.

Such Hasselblad announced and released this time is a new medium format mirrorless model “X2D 100C” that adopts a 43.8 x 32.9 mm size image sensor. While maintaining the compact size of the “X1D II 50C” released in July 2019, image quality, AF, operability, etc. have been greatly enhanced.

In terms of image quality, the topic is that the image sensor has been renewed to a back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 100 million pixels (11656 x 8742 pixels). Like the “X1D II 50C”, it supports 16-bit color depth, and the dynamic range has been improved from a maximum of 14 stops to a maximum of 15 stops. Sensitivity starts from ISO100 to ISO64 and supports up to ISO25600.
Equipped with 5-axis image stabilization in the body for the first time with a correction effect of 7 steps
The “X2D 100C” is the first Hasselblad medium format mirrorless camera to be equipped with in-body image stabilization. 5-axis image stabilization with a correction effect of 7 steps strongly supports handheld shooting with 100 million pixels.

AF is a new system that covers 97% of the screen with 294 points of phase difference detection AF. The focus speed is said to be 3 times faster than the “X1D II 50C”. Continuous shooting speed is 3.3 fps at 14bit.

In addition, the built-in 1TB SSD as a recording medium is also a major feature. Stable shooting is achieved by high-speed writing and reading of SSD. External recording media supports CFexpress Type B cards.

The shutter is an electronically controlled lens shutter with a maximum speed of 1/4000 sec, and the strobe is synchronized at full speed. It is compatible with Nikon’s TTL and supports speedlights such as Nikon’s “SB-300”, “SB-500”, “SB-5000”, “SB-700”, “SB-900”, and “SB-910”. Profoto products can be used with Nikon’s clip-on strobe “A1” as well as monoblock strobes “B1” and “B2”.
Maintains a compact size while being equipped with in-body image stabilization
The body size of the “X2D 100C” is 148.5 (width) x 106 (height) x 74.5 (depth) mm and weighs 895g (including battery). Although it is a little heavier than the “X1D II 50C” 148 (width) x 97 (height) x 70 (depth) mm / 766g (including battery), it is almost the same size. Machined aluminum parts are used for the top and bottom of the housing. Body color is dark gray.

The LCD monitor is a 3.6-inch touch panel LCD (2.36 million dots) that can be adjusted upwards from 40 to 70 degrees. On the right side of the top is a 1.08-inch LCD monitor that displays camera status and shooting parameters. The viewfinder is a 5.76 million-dot organic EL viewfinder (1.0x magnification) equipped with an electronic diopter adjustment function.

Compared to the “X1D II 50C”, the operation response has improved, and the shutter response is 65% faster and the blackout time is 70% shorter.
In addition, as a wired interface to connect to a PC, etc., it is equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C that supports rapid charging. The wireless function supports IEEE 802.11b/a/g/n/ac/ax. By using the mobile application “Phocus Mobile 2”, you can transfer full-size JPEG / RAW data to a tablet or smartphone (* At the time of release, “Phocus Mobile 2” does not support “X2D 100C”.

In addition, as a new model of the interchangeable lens “XCD lens” for the “X series”, “XCD 2,5/38”, “XCD 2,5/55V”, “XCD 2,5/90V” with an open aperture value of F2.5 3 new ones have been published. All of them are equipped with a newly designed metal lens barrel with a distance scale engraved, a focus ring that allows you to switch between AF/MF with a push-and-pull operation, and a control ring that allows you to assign aperture value, shutter speed, and exposure compensation. By adopting a newly designed stepping motor, more accurate and faster AF is achieved.

The “X2D 100C” and two new lenses “XCD 2,5/38” and “XCD 2,5/55V” have been on sale in Japan since September 9, 2022. The release date of “XCD 2,5/90V” is undecided.

Reference prices are 1,210,000 yen for the “X2D 100C”, 583,000 yen for the “XCD 2,5/38V”, 583,000 yen for the “XCD 2,5/55V”, and 671,000 yen for the “XCD 2,5/90V” (both tax included).

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