Eliminate unpleasant garbage odors! What is the power of Panasonic “MS-N53XD”, the kitchen garbage processor ranked first in the price.com ranking?

In the summer, when the heat and humidity make it easy for food to spoil, the smell of food waste is also a concern. If you leave it in the kitchen sink as it is, not only will it smell, but it will also cause small flies. In such a case, a garbage disposal machine is useful. This time, we used the Panasonic “MS-N53XD”, which ranked first in Kakaku.com’s “Garbage Disposer Popular Selling Ranking” (as of August 826, 2022), to check its ability, and to check the usefulness of the garbage disposer. I checked the gender.
Dry garbage disposer with deodorizing function equipped with two treatment modes
There are several types of garbage disposers for household use, including a “dry type” that dries with hot air, a “bio type” that is decomposed by microorganisms, and a “hybrid” that combines the “dry type” and the “bio type”. It is broadly divided into “formula”. The type suitable for each household depends on the purpose and place of installation, but if it is relatively compact and can be easily used in the house, the dry type is better. The MS-N53XD introduced this time is also a dry type. The hot air not only evaporates the moisture contained in the food waste, but also dries the food waste efficiently by stirring it with the blades on the bottom of the main unit, and crushes the dried waste to reduce its volume. .
Garbage disposers generally generate odors during disposal, although the degree varies depending on the product. In order to reduce the odor, the MS-N53XD is equipped with a “platinum palladium catalyst” that decomposes the odor component into carbon dioxide and water (steam) by applying heat. In addition, by making the platinum-palladium catalyst spiral, the time for odor components to pass through the part (deodorizing unit) where the catalyst is mounted is lengthened, demonstrating a higher deodorizing effect.

Another feature of the MS-N53XD is that it has two modes for processing raw garbage: “standard mode” and “soft dry mode”. “Standard mode” can be dried quickly with hot air of about 130 degrees Celsius, and “soft drying mode”, which dries at a lower temperature than the standard mode, takes a long time to process, but when you want to process something with a strong odor. seems to be optimal. In addition, garbage processed with the MS-N53XD can be used as fertilizer, and organic fertilizer with different effects can be made in standard mode and soft drying mode (details will be described later).
The processing time varies slightly depending on the type and amount of garbage, and the state of draining, but when processing about 400g to 700g of garbage, the soft drying mode takes about an hour longer than the standard mode. .
Let’s process 1kg of garbage!
Now that you know the basic structure, let’s try processing food waste with the MS-N53XD. As for the procedure, all you have to do is put the garbage in the MS-N53XD and press the switch, but not all garbage can be processed. To explain briefly, the raw garbage that can be processed is rice, noodles, meat, fish, vegetable scraps, tea leaves, etc. Liquor lees containing alcohol, fruits soaked in alcohol, and large amounts of citrus peel are prohibited as they may cause fire or ignite. In addition, it is better to avoid raw garbage such as bones of cows, pigs, chickens, large amounts of egg shells, hard shells, large amounts of clams and freshwater clams, as they may damage the processing container. About. Naturally, non-garbage items such as wraps, bags, container seals and lids, styrene trays, rubber bands, wood and bamboo products, and animal droppings cannot be disposed of.

So, I prepared 1 kg of raw garbage while checking the instruction manual. Process this once in standard mode.
Garbage processing progresses in the flow of drying process → cooling process, and then the operation stops automatically. So, if you leave it until the lamp on the operation part goes off, it is OK.
Organic fertilizer with different effects can be made depending on the processing mode
I mentioned earlier that the dried garbage can be used as organic fertilizer, and that the effect differs between the standard mode and the soft drying mode.

In the first place, in order to use dried food waste as fertilizer, it must be decomposed (nitrogenized) by microorganisms. However, dry garbage disposers are generally processed at high temperatures, which causes protein changes (browning) and takes time for microorganisms to decompose. It takes ~3 months. On the other hand, the soft drying mode, which dries at a low temperature, can suppress protein denaturation. Microorganisms quickly decompose it (nitrogenize it), so it can be used as fertilizer immediately. However, although garbage that has been dried in the standard mode cannot be used as a fertilizer immediately, it has a period of maturation before it can be used as a fertilizer, so it seems that the effect as a fertilizer tends to last longer. You can use the standard mode when you want to take your time to build the soil, and the soft dry mode when you want to use it as fertilizer immediately.
What about care?
This time, I processed 1kg of food waste at once, but I was surprised that the volume decreased more than I had imagined. Since the water evaporates and the weight becomes lighter, it is easy to dispose of the processed garbage. Also, when I was researching about dry garbage disposers before using them, I was worried because it was written on various websites that a unique smell would be emitted during disposal, but as far as I tried this time, I didn’t mind the smell. If you close the lid properly, the fragrant odor of the drying process will not leak out, so it will definitely be more comfortable than leaving garbage in the sink.

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