“Electric kettle for cars” that can boil hot water in the car! Helpful for long drives and sleeping in the car

I want to boil water in my car
Nowadays, you can always get hot drinks and hot water at convenience stores, etc.

Introducing a convenient electric kettle that can be used in the car!

“Silicon Bottle Electric Kettle Z106” can boil about 500ml of hot water in an extended state. Since the gray part is made of silicon, it can be folded compactly and stored when not in use.

Since it is for cars, the power supply is taken from the cigarette lighter socket.

No way, I thought that even a dry battery can boil water !?

A feeling of size that can be used in a drink holder
So let’s get in the car and boil the water. It seems that hot water of 50℃ or 95℃ can be boiled.

Usage is almost the same as a general electric kettle, just pour water, close the lid, and turn on the power. The main unit is just the right size to fit in a drink holder, so be sure to use it in a stable drink holder to prevent it from tipping over.
I expect to use it to boil water while driving, but it is not recommended to use it while driving. Please be careful not to run out of battery while the car is stopped.

50℃ and 95℃ hot water can be boiled
First, let’s boil water at 50°C. You can switch between 50°C and 95°C by pressing the button on the handle.

Hot water at 50℃ is a middling temperature, but it seems to be a good temperature for brewing gyokuro. However, I don’t think there are many scenes where you can brew authentic gyokuro in the car…

For example, if this is 70°C, it’s perfect for making powdered milk. Well, you can check the water temperature at any time, so you can set the mode to boil at 95°C and stop heating in the middle.

It would be more convenient if the temperature could be set a little more finely.

By the way, the bellows-shaped silicon part is soft, so if you tilt the main body to pour hot water, it will bend.

Hot water at 95°C is perfect for cup noodles!
Well, first I tried boiling water at 50°C, but this kettle can boil it up to 95°C!

It took about 30 minutes and 25 seconds from starting with room temperature water to boiling 95°C water. It will take quite a while.

This temperature is perfect for making cup noodles! The fact that the amount of 500ml can be boiled is safe even for cup noodles in a large container. I have to wait 30 minutes + 3 minutes before eating … ….
It is safe to carry it with you when you sleep in the car or take a long drive.
The hot water at 95°C is hot water, so it seems that it can be used in various ways.

For example, Yutanpo for shoulders.
The problem here is that it takes 30 minutes for the water to boil after the car is parked.

It is NG to boil hot water while driving, so rather than boiling hot water a little when stopping, it seems to be useful for timing to take a break or staying in the car in a place where there is no convenience store nearby.

If you shrink the main body, it’s quite compact, so you can stick it in a glove box or the like in case of emergency!?

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