Easy to use than you can imagine! Nikon’s new entry mirrorless “Z 30” actual machine report

The “Z 30” is Nikon’s new mirrorless camera that uses an APS-C size (DX format) image sensor. The main feature is that you can see the report “The smallest and lightest Z 30 in the Z series has arrived from Nikon!” At the time of product announcement . I want to report.

* July 13, 2022 A test video for electronic image stabilization was added.
Compact and lightweight body for ease of shooting
The “Z 30” is the smallest, lightest and most compact body of Nikon’s mirrorless “Z series”. Its size is about 128 (width) x 73.5 (height) x 59.5 (depth) mm, and it weighs about 405 g (including battery and memory card, excluding body cap). Compared to the “Z fc” and “Z 50” of the “Z series”, which also use an APS-C size (DX format) image sensor, the height is 20mm smaller and the weight is about 40 to 45g lighter.

With such a compact body, you may think that operability is sacrificed, but that is Nikon. It has many buttons and two types of dials in a small body, and it can be operated relatively directly, so I felt that it was a camera that was easier to handle than I expected.

The operation system on the back has a selector for still image shooting / video shooting, a release mode / self-timer button, etc., and the contents are closer to full-size mirrorless such as “Z 5” than the upper model “Z 50”. There are also two types of function buttons near the front mount. The operation feeling of the buttons and dials is as solid as the other models of the “Z series”, and it is finished in a highly built-in body as an entry machine.
Furthermore, what made me happy to use it was that it was easy to use for still image shooting as well as video shooting. In particular, the grip has a large and deep shape in terms of body size, and can hold the camera firmly. Since the left shoulder of the body is cut, it is a feature of this camera that the left hand fits better when shooting in the vertical position.

Equipped with vari-angle LCD and large stereo microphone
The “Z 30” is a mirrorless camera that emphasizes video recording, so the usability of video recording has also been devised. In large areas, a side-opening vari-angle monitor (3.0-inch, approx. 1.04 million dots) that makes it easy to take selfies is used. The upper surface of the body is equipped with a large video recording button near the command dial, as well as a large stereo microphone. As with the “Z 50”, you can also set two types of frequency characteristics: voice band and wide band. The front is equipped with a REC lamp that lights up in red during movie shooting.

Video recording supports 4K UHD 30p / 24p recording without cropping. Full HD can record 120p slow motion video. When shooting in full HD / 24p, it supports continuous video recording for up to 125 minutes (* 4K UHD setting is about 35 minutes).

In addition, although the angle of view is a little narrower, it is also equipped with an electronic image stabilization function that can suppress camera shake more strongly (also effective when shooting 4K movies). This is a function that you want to actively utilize when taking a walk or taking a telephoto shot with your hand.

In addition, as an optional item sold separately from the partner brand, in addition to the “SmallRig Wind Muff 3859” that is effective against wind noise, the “SmallRig Tripod Grip 3070 Remote Control ML-L7” that includes the SmallRig Tripod Grip and “Remote Control ML-L7” Don’t miss the “set”.

By attaching the “SmallRig Windmuff 3859” to the accessory shoe of the camera body, you can stack the windmuff on the stereo microphones on the left and right of the shoe. The “SmallRig Tripod Grip 3070 Remote Control ML-L7 Set” is equipped with the Bluetooth-connected “Remote Control ML-L7”, and you can perform operations such as zooming and starting / stopping shooting from the tripod grip.

Summary A camera built better than I expected. Please pay attention to it for snapshots
The “Z 30” is a compact and lightweight model that is conscious of movie shooting, so it may be a product that is difficult to select for those who place importance on still image shooting. However, the “Z 30” is like a Nikon camera, and its operability such as button layout has been devised, making it easy to use even when shooting still images. In particular, the high point is that the grip has a deep shape. Given the size of the camera, it is possible to hold it firmly and shoot.

Since the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is not installed, it is difficult to shoot moving subjects, but this compact body is particularly attractive for snapshot shooting. There is no new element in terms of performance, but as a compact and lightweight machine that can enjoy the high image quality of the “Z series”, it is one that I would like people who mainly shoot still images to pay attention to.

As for video shooting, as you can see from the fact that the headphone terminal is not installed and it does not support Log shooting, it is not for full-scale video production, but for enjoying Vlog shooting etc. as a light. ing. For those who are particular about video shooting, there may be some shortcomings, but for those who want to shoot video with a single-lens reflex camera and create video, the compact size will appeal to them.

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