Don’t call me a “defeated role”! GM Ground Type, which is cool for the protagonist, has become a ROBOT soul

“RGM-79 (G) Land Battle Type Gym” has appeared in Gundam’s movable figure series “ROBOT soul ver. ANIME” that is particular about reproducing animation. It is a different kind of aircraft among the many “Jim” aircraft variations, and I personally think that it is cool enough to be called the leading aircraft. Please take a look at the charm of the “Ground Type Gym”, which does not have the feeling of being “damaged” at all.
“GM Ground Type” is a mobile suit belonging to the Earth Federation Forces that appears in the OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Squadron” released in 1996. It is an aircraft that was active on the earth at about the same time as the TV series “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and is a land battle type specification of the main mass production machine “Jim”. However, in fact, the “GM Ground Type” was developed and mass-produced earlier than the “Jim”, and there is almost no structural commonality with the “Jim”. Rather, it is an aircraft that has much in common with the “land battle type Gundam” that appears in the same work.
More sophisticated movement and beauty of detail
The “ROBOT Spirit ver. ANIME” series has entered its sixth year, but I feel that the movable technology, stability, and details are evolving year by year. This “Ground Type Gym” was also finished to the latest quality.
In addition, the abundance of weapons and effect parts is also an attraction of this series. Armed with a “beam rifle”, a “100mm machine gun”, and a “beam saber” with two clear pink blades and one curved blade. Two types of shields are included. There are 4 types of replacement wrists on each side. Attention is that the “Hyper Hammer”, which is rare in the “ROBOT Spirit ver. ANIME” series, is included. In addition, the launch effect of “Beam Rifle” is also included, which is just a lot.
The display that imagines the battle on the ground is fun!
“Ground type gym” with abundant armament, stable movement and high play value. The recent “ROBOT soul ver. ANIME” series is an evolutionary point that the hip joint does not become loose and a stable display can be achieved.

Since it is a land battle type, I think it is fun to decorate it with a display like a diorama.
With excellent movement and abundant accessories, you can enjoy the display while imagining various situations.

I’m looking forward to the release of the leading machine!
The “Gundam Ground Type Gym” can only be seen in the OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Squadron”, but it doesn’t feel like a “mass production type gym” at all. There is a coolness that is “gym” but not “gym”, such as the ruggedness and coloring of the style, and this kit faithfully reproduces that style.

As for the development of the “Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Squadron” series in “ROBOT Spirit ver. ANIME”, the “Gouf Custom” and “Gundam Ez-8”, which should be called the leading machines, are about to be released. I want to look forward to it.

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