Do you really need PS5 peripherals? I tried all the genuine products

When purchasing the latest home video game console “PlayStation 5” (PS5) from SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment), many people may be wondering whether the PS5 itself should be used or whether peripheral devices should be purchased. Is it not? Therefore, in this project, we will review the genuine peripherals for PS5 sold by SIE at once. We will introduce the usability and functionality while explaining the situations that require peripheral devices.

What kind of play should people buy peripherals?
The main peripherals released by SIE include “DualSense Wireless Controller”, “DualSense Charging Stand”, “PULSE 3D Wireless Headset”, “Media Remote Control” and “HD Camera”. It’s hard to understand the necessity and convenience of products that support gameplay until you actually use them. I want to avoid saying “I didn’t need it” after purchase. In order not to cause such misfortune, we would appreciate it if you could refer to the following reviews.

DualSense wireless controller
One “Dual Sense Wireless Controller” is included in the PS5. The included “Dual Sense Wireless Controller” uses a two-tone color based on white with black accents. It has a unified design with PS5.

This “Dual Sense Wireless Controller” is available in different colors, “Midnight Black” and “Cosmic Red”. As the name suggests, “Midnight Black” is a black-based design that imagines an infinite universe. The entire controller is unified in black, giving it a chic and sophisticated impression. Unlike the bundled controller, which is based on the same white as the PS5, the coloring is closer to the PS4’s “DUALSHOCK 4”, and I personally prefer the “Midnight Black”.
The other “Cosmic Red” is a design based on red, which is different from “Midnight Black”. It is said that it was inspired by the deep crimson color that colors the universe, and it has a slightly stronger purple color than the normal red color, and it is a coloring like wine red. It has a strong impact on the appearance, but when I asked a woman, she evaluated it as “the cutest of the three colors.”

What is the case when you need more than one “Dual Sense Wireless Controller”? The first thing you can think of is playing a local multiplayer game on your PS5 with your family and friends. For example, “Rivitz! Big Adventure” and “Overcooked! –Full Course of Overcooked Kingdom” can be played by up to 4 people on one PS5. Other games, such as “Fortnite” and “DIRT 5”, support local multiplayer with split screens.

In fact, it is possible to use the PS4 controller “DUALSHOCK 4” on the PS5. However, I want to be careful that “PS5 games cannot use DUALSHOCK 4”.

Therefore, in order to play PS5 local multiplayer compatible games with family and friends, “DualSense Wireless Controller” is required for each person. If you are thinking about this kind of play style, you should purchase an additional “DualSense Wireless Controller”.

For those who play games every day, I think it’s an ant to have another “DualSense Wireless Controller” as a backup. In the event of a sudden accident such as a breakdown, you will not be able to play the game during that period, whether you send it for repair or buy a new one. If something goes wrong, such as just before the last boss, there is no loss even if you have a spare.

DualSense charging stand
The “Dual Sense Wireless Controller” has a USB Type-C port, and it is common to connect it to the PS5 with a cable to charge it. However, if you use the “DualSense Charging Stand”, you can charge it just by mounting the “DualSense Wireless Controller”.
If you have only one “DualSense wireless controller”, I think that there is no problem with the method of charging by wire from PS5, but since the “DualSense charging stand” can charge up to two at the same time, “DualSense” Those who own two “wireless controllers” should come in handy. Even if you only have one, you can use the PS5’s USB port for something else.

The charging speed is the same as when charging from PS5 by wire.

PULSE 3D wireless headset
PS5 adopts the original 3D audio technology “Tempest 3D audio”, which is one of the main features. This is a feature available with the TV’s built-in speakers, external speakers, as well as when headphones are wired to the DualSense wireless controller, and with the “PULSE 3D Wireless Headset.”

This “Tempest 3D audio” processes the position and echo of the sound source in the game in real time, and you can enjoy the spatial spread of the sound and the three-dimensional sound. You can enjoy “Tempest 3D audio” with the built-in speakers of the TV or external speakers, but headphones are probably more immersive and immersive.

“PULSE 3D Wireless Headset” is a wireless enjoyment of this “Tempest 3D Audio”. In addition, because it is a genuine SIE product, the performance of “Tempest 3D audio” can be fully demonstrated.
When I actually tried it, I heard all the sound sources in the game from various directions, and when I listened to conversations between characters, I felt as if I had entered the world of the game. Of course, you can also get the required localization in online battle games. As for the sound quality, the treble is stronger than the bass.

Most of the microphones of general gaming headsets are fixed, removable, or pull-out type, but the “PULSE 3D Wireless Headset” has a built-in microphone, which gives a refreshing impression in terms of design. .. The performance of the microphone is also equipped with a noise canceling function by dual microphones, and the sound quality is clear.

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