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Speaking of personal computers, laptops are the mainstream these days, but there are cases where it is better to choose a desktop computer depending on the purpose. For example, if you want to work on a large screen, or if you want to comfortably play games or edit videos. You can use a tablet or mobile notebook on the go, and a desktop computer at home. By this special feature, we introduce how to choose desktop PCs and recommended model. I chose the recommended model with an emphasis on cost performance.
What are the advantages of desktop computers?
The biggest advantage of choosing a desktop computer is the high specs. Depending on the model, it can be equipped with a high-performance CPU and graphic board that cannot be installed on a laptop computer, so you can comfortably play games and edit videos. Depending on the model, users can also replace parts such as memory, SSD, and HDD themselves after purchase. Parts replacement that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty is for advanced users, but the ability to power up after purchase is one of the appeals of desktop computers.

If you want to enjoy games and video editing, choose a model with a graphic board. However, due to the global shortage of semiconductors, confusion in logistics, and the weaker yen, models equipped with graphic boards are trending higher than before. Even if a good model comes out, it will be sold out immediately. The situation has improved from before, but be careful if you want a model with a graphic board.

Another great thing about desktop computers is that you can use your favorite display. Combining a large screen and high-resolution display suitable for working with multiple windows will increase work efficiency. Recently, there has been an increase in affordable large-sized liquid crystal displays, and if you search Kakaku.com, you can purchase a 24-inch liquid crystal display with full HD resolution for around 10,000 yen. For 30,000 yen, you can even choose a 4K resolution model. It may be interesting to build a multi-display environment using multiple liquid crystal displays. Of course, you can choose not only the display, but also the keyboard and mouse.

Types of desktop computers and how to choose them
There are various types of desktop computers, but there are three typical types: tower type, space-saving type, and all-in-one type.

The tower type has a big appeal because of its high extensibility. Many models are equipped with high-performance parts, and models equipped with particularly high-performance graphic boards are suitable for creative uses such as games and video editing that require high graphic performance. Parts can be replaced relatively easily, so it is also suitable for those who want to replace memory, SSD, or HDD after purchase. It is difficult to take the installation place, but if you value the specs and expandability, you should choose the tower type.

The space-saving type has a slim body and is attractive because it literally does not take up much space. However, due to the slimness of the main unit, the internal space is narrow and it is difficult to install a high-performance graphic board, so the specifications may be inferior to the tower type.

The integrated type is a model in which the display and the computer are integrated. There is no need to prepare or connect a display, and it does not take up much installation space. Another point is that there are many models that are particular about image quality and sound quality, mainly made by domestic manufacturers. Some models have a built-in TV tuner and can be used as both a TV and an HDD recorder.

Tower type recommended model
1. Mouse computer “G-Tune PM-B-3060Ti-KK” (limited to price.com)
Approximately 170,000 yen with “GeForce RTX 3060 Ti”, a popular high cost performance gaming PC
A popular model ranked second in the “desktop computer” category on Kakaku.com. The CPU is equipped with the 12th generation “Core i5-12400F” and the GPU is equipped with NVIDIA’s “GeForce RTX 3060 Ti”. The “GeForce RTX 3060 Ti” is a middle-class GPU, but it is a highly practical and popular GPU that allows you to comfortably enjoy many games. Price.com lowest price 169,800 yen. The point is that the price is kept down by installing Core i5 instead of Core i7 in the CPU. In the PC market, which tends to rise in price, if it is about 170,000 yen with this spec, it is definitely a “buy”. It is a model that I would like not only gamers but also users looking for a high-performance desktop to pay attention to.
2. Dell “Inspiron Compact Desktop Platinum”
Tower type perfect for those seeking CPU power
Compact tower desktop with a width of 154mm, height of 324.3mm and depth of 293mm. The main unit is compact, but it has excellent expandability like a tower type. The 12th generation “Core i7-12700”, 16GB memory, 512GB SSD and high specs are also attractive. Price.com The lowest price is 106,980 yen, and considering the specifications, it can be said that it is a model with excellent cost performance. The price of the model equipped with “Core i5-12400”. .com The lowest price is 85,980 yen, which is about 20,000 yen cheaper. Those who want to focus on price should check out the Core i5 model.
3. Dospara “Magnate IM”
Affordable tower type for those who want to value the price
A model that I would like people who want to buy a tower-type desktop computer to pay attention to as cheaply as possible. The graphics are built into the CPU, but you can install a graphics board that occupies two slots. The main specifications are “Core i5-12400” CPU, 16GB memory, and 500GB SSD storage. Considering the price of about 80,000 yen, the cost performance is high. It can be said that it is a welcome model in the personal computer market where prices are rising due to the weak yen.

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