Daihatsu’s new “Move Canvas” is recommended for the newly set turbo model!

In recent years, the developers of automobile manufacturers have all said that the condition for light cars that are selling well is that they must be equipped with sliding doors. In fact, more than half of light passenger cars are now occupied by tall models with sliding doors.
The developer of the manufacturer says, “The sliding door does not protrude outward when opening and closing, making it easy to get in and out of in narrow spaces. In addition, it can be equipped with an electric sliding function, making it easy for customers with children to use.” . The popularization of minivans is one of the reasons why cars with sliding doors are so popular. Young users under the age of 35 today are familiar with cars equipped with sliding doors since childhood. Therefore, there is a demand for a sliding door that is highly convenient for light vehicles.

The Daihatsu “Move Canvas” that appeared in 2016 was also equipped with a sliding door and became a hit car. Speaking of cars with sliding doors in Daihatsu’s car model lineup, the light super height wagon “Tanto” is a hot seller. The biggest difference between the Movecanvas and the Tanto is that the Movecanvas has a sliding door but is less than 1,700mm in height (Tanto’s total height is 1,755-1,775mm). The developer said, “Some customers said, ‘I want a sliding door, but I don’t need a tall body.’ So, we developed the Move Canvas, which is shorter than the Tanto.”

The move canvas is finished with a gentle design as a whole, and the rear gate has a gentle slope. In addition, conventional tall kei cars are often set in two types, a practical standard specification and a sporty specification with aero parts installed, but the Move Canvas does not have a sporty aero parts specification. It has become a popular model because it is not prepared and has only standard specifications that make you feel a relaxing atmosphere.

In July 2022, the Move Canvas underwent a full model change and became the second generation. This time, I test drove the new Move Canvas, so I would like to tell you about the usability, ride comfort, and details of the differences from the previous generation.
First of all, what I would like to pay attention to with the new Move Canvas is that while the predecessor (first generation) was only available with NA engines, the new model now has a turbo engine option. Behind this is the spread of the user base. The predecessor was developed with the theme of “a minicar that mothers and daughters can use together”, but in fact there were many opportunities for men to drive it, and there was a high need for “a little more engine power”.

In addition, some people, including men, wanted to choose a grade with a calm atmosphere, so the new model has been reconsidered. In the new model, in addition to the two-tone color “STRIPES” inherited from the predecessor, a new monotone and chic impression “theory” has been added.
Theory has a finish that gives a calm and mature atmosphere to both the interior and exterior. By the way, basic specifications such as power performance and comfort are common to both Stripes and Theory.

At first glance, the exterior design of the new Movecanvas looks almost the same as its predecessor, but in fact the body panels have been redesigned. This is because the second generation uses the newly developed platform “DNGA”.
In addition, the emblem on the front mask was round in the previous generation, but the new model has a small difference, such as the “CANBUS” car name. The side of the body has a voluminous design.

The Theory’s body color is monotone, but instead, it has plated pinstripes on the sides of the body and a plated decoration on the rear bumper.

The instrument panel has a linear design, and visibility is good. Both the front and rear seats are bench type. The front seats are shaped so that the lower part of the backrest wraps around the waist, providing excellent support. The comfort of sitting is accompanied by a sense of volume. The total height of the new Move Canvas is 100mm lower than that of the Tanto, but the overhead space is sufficiently secured.

The rear seats have plenty of legroom. If the sliding position is moved to the rear end, four adults with a height of 170 cm can ride, and the knee space of the passengers sitting in the rear seats is expanded to a little over three bumps. The space between the floor and the seat surface is slightly insufficient, and although it is a way of sitting with the legs extended forward, the leg space is wide, so it does not feel cramped. Seating comfort is the average level of a light car.

The new Move Canvas is equipped with plenty of storage, but among them, I would like to pay attention to the “placement box”. The stand-up box is a drawer-type box installed under the rear seat, which is convenient for storing items that are not used frequently. Furthermore, if you pull out the “Tsukite” and start it up, it will enter “Basket Mode” and you can put shopping bags etc. on top. If you put it on the seat as it is, the bag may fall over and the contents may be scattered, but if you use the basket mode of the box, you don’t have to worry about that.

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