Cospa is the strongest! You can enjoy the best sukiyaki at a great price with the “Matsusaka beef cut off” in translation ♪

Hello minced meat!
I’m Kazuyuki Matsushima, a hamburger prince who eats more than 400 burgers a year with the motto “1 burger a day”.

2021 is nearing the end.
That’s why the last meat series of this year will be aggressive and gorgeous!
Matsusaka beef, known for its beautiful marbling that is called “a work of meat”, is packed in a pack of 500g!

Hmm? Isn’t it expensive anyway?

You might think that, but to tell the truth, this product is a “in translation” cut-off product!
The shape of each piece of meat is not the same, but that’s why you can buy it at a reasonable price of 3,980 yen for 500g. By the way, the average price of Matsusaka beef is about 3,000 yen for 100g, depending on the part. It’s a great deal!

Of course, it is cheap but decent Matsusaka beef, and the seller is “Mie Matsura”, a member of the Matsusaka Beef Sales License Association. It comes with a certificate with an individual identification number while cutting it off.
Furthermore, the parts have not been decided, and rare parts such as shoulder steak, blade steak, lamp, and tomosankaku are generously included.
In other words, you can enjoy various parts of Matsusaka beef with this one pack!
Hmm, what a great deal!

It’s so big that you can’t think it’s cut off!
Because of the end of the year, this time I will try “sukiyaki” instead of the usual yakiniku.

Move the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator one day before cooking and let it thaw for a while.
It is a standard lineup of Chinese cabbage, green onions, chrysanthemums, shiitake mushrooms, yaki-dofu, shirataki noodles, sukiyaki sauce, and eggs.

Then set the sukiyaki pot on the cassette stove and start cooking!

By the way, when cooking sukiyaki, the question is whether to use “boiled Kanto style” or “baked Kansai style”.
The meat we eat this time is Matsusaka beef from Mie prefecture in the Kinki region, so let’s try the “Kansai style”!
By the way, this product does not contain beef tallow, so you need to prepare it yourself.
Since it’s a big deal, I’d like you to put in as much beef tallow, but maybe Matsusaka beef’s beef tallow can’t be bundled easily for free? I can’t help but feel the excitement of Matsusaka beef sukiyaki.

When the pot is familiar, it’s finally time to touch Matsusaka beef!
A daring bite!

Guha! It’s irresistible!

The moist and tender meat of Matsusaka beef is brilliantly entwined with the sweet and spicy taste of sukiyaki and the mellowness of raw eggs, and your mouth is truly a paradise! There is no “translation” feeling at all!

In Kansai-style sukiyaki, you can directly enjoy the original taste of meat!

I’m alive for this first bite!
I wish I could keep this bite all the time!

However, while thoroughly enjoying this afterglow, I will add ingredients other than meat.

It is also attractive to enjoy various parts!
The fat was also elegant, and it was so delicious that it quickly fell into my stomach …

However, it is a waste to finish this Matsusaka beef sukiyaki as it is!

So, in order to fully enjoy the charm of Matsusaka beef, we will start from here.

It is recommended to use “sukiyaki egg binding” for small meat.
As mentioned above, it contains a lot of large meat, but since it is cut off, it also contains smaller meat. Take advantage of this!
The sukiyaki sauce with the umami of various ingredients melted into the Matsusaka beef, and the simmering eggs together make it so delicious that you can smile!
The deliciousness soaks into each grain of rice, and it’s the first time in a bowl of the best in agony!

Not only the gravy, but also the Matsusaka beef was flattened cleanly without leaving a single drop.

I am very satisfied with the size and deliciousness that I can not think of as a cut-off product!
Matsura’s “Matsusaka beef cut off 500g” where you can enjoy the finest Matsusaka beef at a reasonable price. It weighs 500g, so I think the whole family can enjoy it.
Even though it is a cut-off product, there is plenty of meat that is the perfect size for sukiyaki!
In addition, you can enjoy various parts at once!

The cost performance is outstanding, and even if it is sold out, this is exactly what it means to be a product that you have to “wait and buy” as much as you want until you get it!
Why don’t you enjoy the best sukiyaki with reasonable Matsusaka beef? There is no doubt that your body and mind will be warmed up.

See you next year! Meat you soon!

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