Corsair’s multi-purpose gaming headset “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” is just a waste of games!

From CORSAIR, which has a lineup of various gaming headsets such as physically vibrating models ( detailed article here ) and wireless models that can be connected not only to PCs but also to home video game machines, USB / analog The “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” gaming headset, which supports four connection methods of / 2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth and can be used for multiple purposes, has been released. Let’s review not only games but also online videos, music streaming services, and notable models that are outstandingly compatible with the entertainment of home time.
Supports 4 connection methods: USB / analog / 2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth. Supports high resolution & Dolby Atmos and can be used for multiple purposes
The “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” is the top model of Corsair’s gaming headset, so it’s packed with features, but the best of all is probably that it supports a variety of connection methods.

As I mentioned briefly at the beginning, “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” supports four types of connection methods: USB wired connection, analog wired connection, 2.4GHz wireless connection using the attached USB dongle, and Bluetooth connection. It’s pretty rare just because it supports both 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connections, but what’s great about the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT is that you can use multiple combinations of these connection methods.
The connection patterns are summarized below, but there are no restrictions other than the simultaneous use of a USB wired connection and a 2.4GHz wireless connection using a dedicated USB dongle. Since you can connect to a PC via USB or 2.4GHz wirelessly and connect Bluetooth at the same time, you can use it for voice chat with LINE, Discord, etc. in cross-play compatible games, or your favorite music to liven up the mood of gameplay. Can be used such as flowing from a smartphone.

By the way, the 2.4GHz wireless connection using the dedicated USB dongle supports not only the connection with the PC but also the connection with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In combination with PlayStation 5, the original 3D audio technology “Tempest 3D Audio” can also be used, making it a very attractive product as a wireless headset for PlayStation 5.

In addition, “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” is equipped with a 50mm neodium driver unit that supports high resolution, supports aptX HD codec that can enjoy high resolution equivalent sound of up to 48kHz / 24bit with Bluetooth connection, and 2ch with USB wired connection. By switching to the output, it supports high resolution output of 24bit / 96kHz, and it is finished as a product with quite high specifications not only as a gaming device but also as an audio device. Even though it is a gaming headset, it seems to be a very valuable model in that you can enjoy high-quality music wirelessly in combination with a smartphone.
Furthermore, since “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” is a gaming headset, it is recognized as a device with a maximum of 8ch when connected to a PC, and 7.1ch virtual surround can be used, but in addition to this virtual surround function, it is distributed at the Microsoft store. You can’t miss the fact that you can use the object-based stereo sound technology “Dolby Atmos for Headphones (Dolby Atmos)” by using the “Dolby Access” app. In addition to games, Dolby Access also has presets for movies and music listening, and it is said that “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT” can be used not only for surround functions during game play, but also for watching movies and listening to music. That’s why.

“Virtuoso RGB” that fits various entertainment such as high-quality music listening using a smartphone and immersive movie watching by Dolby Atmos using a PC, as well as a game experience on a PC or home video game machine. Wireless XT “. This abundant connectivity and versatile features alone seems to be well worth the introduction of the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT.

Minimal design that suppresses flashiness that is not like a gaming headset. Easy to understand the mute function of the microphone
Although it is a gaming headset, it has no flashy decoration and is finished in a minimal design, which is also a big feature of “Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT”. I used a black color product this time, but the overall tone is unified, and the metal parts are edge-processed, which is just cool. The thick headband and wrinkle-free ear pads give it a seamless look, and at first glance it looks like high-end wireless headphones.

By the way, there is almost no lateral pressure that is typical of gaming headsets, and it feels quite comfortable to wear. It seems to be suitable not only for long game play, but also for listening to music and watching movies in a relaxed state.

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